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My Top 10 Marketing Articles for 2017 by Josiah Go

My Top 10 Marketing Articles for 2017 by Josiah Go

My top marketing article in 2017 was a critique on CHED’s New Marketing Curriculum where I discussed my surprise that after over a decade, the only major change was the doubling of internship time.

Overall, my article in 2017 was “4 Tips on Marriage for my Son-in-Law”, a follow through of my blog about my feelings as a father on the forthcoming wedding of my only daughter Tricia Gosingtian which went viral in 2016.

My top 10 marketing articles (according to the number of blog readers) are:

  1. CHED’s New Marketing Curriculum
  2. Don’t Pursue Your Passion
  3. Revisiting 60 Trends in the Philippines
  4. Never Provoke a Rival
  5. Losing a Sale Before a Demo
  6. Blog or Instagram
  7. Reach is Not Influence
  8. 8 Tips to Crack a Marketing Challenge
  9. 5 Capabilities of Marketing Strategists
  10. Conversation with a Spa Therapist

For non-business articles, my top articles for 2017 are:

  1. 4 Tips on Marriage for my Son-in-Law
  2. The Personal Branding of Leni Robredo
  3. Changing Behavior in Serving Shark Fin Soup
  4. Can Doctors Be Patient-Centric?
  5. Move: 5 Lessons for the Fresh Grads
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