I am honored to have Q&As with captains of different industries. They made time and unselfishly gave their insights in order for others to benefit from the learnings they shared. Thanks again to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Philippines no. 1 broadsheet, for cross posting. My top 10 Q&A (according to the number of blog readers) are: Unilever Chairman & […]

My top marketing article in 2017 was a critique on CHED’s New Marketing Curriculum where I discussed my surprise that after over a decade, the only major change was the doubling of internship time. Overall, my article in 2017 was “4 Tips on Marriage for my Son-in-Law”, a follow through of my blog about my feelings as a father on […]

2016 started as a year of bashing! I got bashed by the Aldub fans when I wrote about “The Eat Bulaga Plateau and How They Can Get Out of It (https://josiahgo.com/the-eat-bulaga-plateau-and-how-they-can-get-out-of-it/). I showed my business feature editor in Inquirer (where my articles are cross posted every Friday) how a fandom attacked me and my editor advised me that they got […]

I am honored to be able to have Q&As with captains of different industries. They made time and unselfishly shared their insights in order for others to benefit and learn from those information. I am eternally grateful and commit to continue doing Q&As with more thought leaders in 2017. Thanks so much to Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippines no. 1 broadsheet, […]

My top article in 2016 is a blog exclusive feature on Philippines’ youngest U.S. dollar billionaire Edgar “Injap” Sia where he shared with me his graduation speech delivered at the University of San Agustin. This article was, in turn, shared by the readers reinforcing the increasing acceptance of entrepreneurs as rock stars and modern day heroes. Injap also topped my […]

A lot of people know me as an author of marketing books, and as a trainer. Since I have started this blog, I have taken the time to write quick and easy to read articles about marketing. This is my substitute until I find the time to finish my 14th book. Again, the list below is arranged according to number […]


My top 10 Q&A blog posts for 2015 according to the number of readers are: Q&A with Double Dragon Chairman Edgar Sia II on Competitive Advantage https://josiahgo.com/qa-with-double-dragon-chairman-edgar-sia-ii-on-competitive-advantage/ Q&A with Gretchen Ho on Winning and Inspiring Others to Win https://josiahgo.com/qa-with-gretchen-ho-on-winning-and-inspiring/ Q&A with Author Emilio Macasaet III on Managing Distributors https://josiahgo.com/qa-with-author-emilio-macasaet-iii-on-managing-distributors/ Q&A with Sun Life Philippines CEO Riza Mantaring on Turning Around […]

After sharing my top 10 Q&A for 2014, I would like to share my top 10 blog posts for 2014 according to number of readers. Interestingly, my two articles about pyramiding attracted the most interest. I will therefore write a bit more about network marketing as distinguish from pyramiding in 2015. In fact, the officers of the Direct Selling Association […]

I started www.josiahgo.com on May 9, 2014 with an interview with marketing expert Edwin Totanes. The interview was quite long and it had to be split into two parts. It remains the all-time favorite of readers in 2014. My top 10 Q&A blog posts for 2014 according to the number of readers are: Q&A with Universal Robina Corporation’s VP-Marketing Edwin […]

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