I would like to emphasize three important basic points in marketing that we all need to remember, pandemic or no pandemic. 1. The right understanding The minimum dimension must be met before determining dimension can be exploited. This means one should satisfy customers’ needs before wants. For instance, for food delivery businesses, delicious food is a must have before the convenience […]

Money is a legal tender used as payment in a transaction and serves as a medium of exchange, as well as a measure of value. While there are many forms of money, as well as different currencies, it is worthwhile to remember the concept of the product life cycle (PLC): that new products tend to make old products obsolete. One […]

In March 2020, the Enhanced Community Quarantine encompassed Metro Manila and neighboring cities, then expanded. Many companies were unable to operate despite good products. The constraints many businesses face below tell us many businesses did not have system thinking in place when designing their business. Those limited to existing customers had to fight with competition to retain declining numbers: a target market issue. […]

Two weeks before my April 22 birthday, we put out a call for SMEs: Get the chance for a free one-on-one consulting opportunity. The mentees were chosen from applications and, with a prior company profile and their concerns sent ahead for better mentoring flow, were each given a quarter of an hour with me. Not all were able to get […]

During a prolonged pandemic, many entrepreneurs think survival by cutting costs is the only way to go. Truth be told, while cutting costs is important, operational efficiency is a necessity, and it must be done alongside market development efforts, as no company has cost-cut themselves to greatness. They need to refocus on how to recover and thrive in a post […]

I have finally retired as CEO of Waters Philippines. It has been a good 26 years.  I remember it was Feb 1995 when we officially launched Waters Philippines in Nikko Hotel (later renamed Dusit Hotel) in Makati. It was launched after a 6-month pilot test.  We became the first company in the Philippines to use network marketing for home water […]


from left (Johnlu Koa, Jet Parma, Aleli Arcilla, John Rubio, Harvey Ong, Greg Banzon, Neil Trinidad, Alvin So, Ana Aboitiz-Delgado, Dr. Nicco Tan, Steven Tan, Kakam Gabunada) The global pandemic has jabbed a wrench into many organizations’ plans, making the future seem unknown. But as new consumer trends begin to emerge and more leaders are now able to combine hard […]

A few weeks before my birthday every year, I would ask my staff to send me a list of their wish lists that I might be able to help with. Instead of receiving gifts (my love language is not gifts), I wanted to be the one giving them. This also allows me to know about the needs of my people […]

With lower revenues and profit, many entrepreneurs mainly resort to cutting costs in order to survive the deadly COVID-19 pandemic-recession twins. Unmindful that such a move, without market development, will continue to depress revenues and profit, they may end up in the worst state of their self-fulfilling prophecy. They may be taking a short term orientation instead of reframing how […]

Innovation is a word too used and abused nowadays. Innovation refers to newness that succeeded in the marketplace, and not just in a single workplace, but in reality most companies are just playing catch-up to others and package it as innovation. This especially happens when there are issues that need addressing and companies try to solve them while calling it […]

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