One of the startups I admire is a Chinese company called Bytedance. Established in 2012, it has now become one of the most valuable startup unicorns. Bytedance is the parent company of Tiktok, the fast growing, albeit controversial,artificial intelligence-supported short video app known as Douyin in China. Douyin was launched in 2016, and they created the TikTok spinoff for international […]

In many conferences being held all over the world, continuing discussions remain focused on managing change or managing uncertainty – as if resistance to change is not enough of a hurdle, or that the level of uncertainty has become unimaginable, if not impossible.  These words – uncertain, unimaginable, impossible are words you don’t hear from hard core entrepreneurs – who […]

What is the traditional logic of business associations on how they operate? They typically have the following: They have big name organizers They screen membership They have monthly membership meetings (now webinars) They have dress codes They have big connectors They have big donors The last few months during this pandemic have shown online Facebook groups and communities disrupting traditional […]

I always ask my clients this value proposition reflection question: “If my company is to be closed down today, what will I miss that I cannot get anywhere else?” I saw so many organizations offer short webinars as a solution. I personally also witnessed hundreds, maybe thousands, of free webinars being offered by different providers since the beginning of ECQ […]

In 2010, we celebrated two milestones! Chiqui Escareal-Go and I wrote a book called “The WE Entrepreneur” which became a National Book Store bestseller and we also co-founded Day 8 Business Academy as the social enterprise subsidiary of Mansmith and Fielders Inc. to benefit small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs). We coined “The WE Entrepreneur” to pertain to that whose approach to entrepreneurship is “whole” […]

A complex world during COVID-19 needs a simple series of steps: to survive, recover, grow, and thrive. Sometimes this survival is best accomplished through cooperation and collaboration with competition. Kudos to Jollibee and McDonald’s for their joint “Ingat, Angat Tayong Lahat” campaign. The two quick service restaurant (QSR) giants have similar value chains and COVID-19 has affected them the same […]

A decade ago, I introduced the Business Model Innovation seminar, featuring the “11 Building Blocks of a Business Model.” The Mansmith Business Model Map has two more elements — value chain and reconfiguration — compared to popular business model canvas models. The value chain, as defined by Harvard’s Michael Porter, is a set of activities a firm operating in a […]

Two weeks before our CEO Market Masters Conference was to be held last March 2020, we had to reschedule the conference for the safety of the marketing community. It is now scheduled on Nov 16-20, 2020, 2-4pm featuring 17 CEOs with official endorsement and support from 21 major organizations. Good thing we rescheduled, a few days after, a lockdown was declared […]

We at Mansmith and Fielders, the leading marketing and sales training company in the Philippines, recently launched Continuum Academy at the beginning of the quarantine period in order to provide its catalogue of expertise and knowledge to businesspeople and entrepreneurs in a safe and accessible online way.  However, just launching a new e-learning dimension to our regular seminars and events […]

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