Q&A with Jimmy Siybauco on Evaluating Personalities via Handwriting Analysis

Q1: What is handwriting analysis? Is it the same as signature analysis? Is there a science into it?

A: Handwriting Analysis or graphology is the science of identifying, evaluating and understanding personality and emotion via the strokes and patterns by their handwriting. Its part of psychology and neuro science.

Q2: How can you tell a person’s personality or prospects by just looking at their handwriting? Has there been any parallel study with personality tests and career tracking?

A: Handwriting reveals the person’s true personality including emotional outlay, fears, honesty, defenses and over 100 other individual personality traits. There are numerous studies and researches regarding handwriting analysis and the benefits improving self and others.

Q3: Aside from the usual interviews and tests, some business executives look at faces of their applicants, others on birth month or year. How does handwriting analysis compare to or is superior compared to these tests?

A: Handwriting Analysis is a simple and practical way to analyze personality of a person since handwriting is readily available for interpretations. Many European companies hire the services of graphologist to screen prospective employees. Handwriting analysis support and validate psychological tests.

Q4: Who can benefit from handwriting analysis? For instance, can a person change his love life by improving handwriting? How about recruitment managers?

A: Anyone can benefit because it’s a reflection of one’ s self. Yes, a person can change love life using graphotherapy. Recruitment Managers can prescreen their future employees.

Q5: If handwriting reveals one’s personality, can a simple change in handwriting change one’s personality? How?

A: Yes, through Graphotherapy ( ex. your mood can affect the way you write, so by way of changing how you write, it changes your mood too.)

Q6: Can you share some quick guides what to look for in hiring and not hiring people for a) sales b) marketing c) spouse?

A: a) sales – ex. if you are looking for outgoing and confident personality, his penmanship should be big. b) marketing – ex. if you want to look for a creative person, the dot on the “i” should be high c) spouse? – ex. Compatibility is based on similar strokes and patterns.

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