I saw an announcement of Unilever Philippines allocating P1 billion as cash flow relief for vulnerable customers, plus early payment for financially-constrained small suppliers. Here is one company who understands and empathizes with small entrepreneurs, even anticipating their needs, and  creating more certainty for the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) during these trying times. I, for one, would buy more of […]

Metro Manila is in week three of the community quarantine that took effect last March 15, 2020, which eventually included the whole of Luzon, in hopes to contain the corona virus, or as many call it- “to flatten the curve.” Other parts of the Philippines has since followed suit. As we hope for fast recovery and normalcy in all aspects […]

It began with an infrastructure – a Viber group that allowed over 100 Acropolis homeowners to communicate about things of interest to the community, some of which required fast decision making, or needing discussion on important matters that affected every one. Eventually, more and more homeowners were asking each other for referrals in that online community, leading to the offering […]

Ramonito “Monching” Tampos is the President and Managing Director of Merck Inc., a German science and technology company operating in the Philippines. He started work while in high school as a janitor of Radiowealth Finance for six months in Cebu. His first stint in the pharmaceutical industry was as a casual medical representative of a local pharma company, moved to […]

Chris Lim is the President of U-Franchise and Chief Executive Officer of Francorp Philippines, the largest franchise brokerage company and franchise consulting company in the Philippines, respectively. Chris won the 2019 Agora Awards for entrepreneurship (medium-scale). In this Q&A, he gives a guideline of the factors to consider before recommending franchisors and franchisees to sign a deal together.  Q1: When […]

Publicly-listed Agrinurture Founder Antonio Tiu is launching plant-based meat substitute products in 2020. Mr. Tiu is a former adjunct faculty member of the De La Salle University, a recipient of EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 and the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the Philippines in 2011. In this interview, he shares with us the importance of eating the right kind of food. […]

Rex Daryanani is the President of Funtastic International Inc., an importer and distributor of toys, accessories, and other fun products. He is also the President of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce Philippines (FICCI) since 2016. Following the move to legalize the operations of micro lenders, he shares about the state of microlending activities of Indians in the Philippines.  […]

Dr. Charles Go (Go Sing Tian), my late father,  used to share many Chinese values to me. Some of which are: 1.    Kao Pwe (relationship/networking) 2.    Sin Yong (credit worthiness) 3.    Shieng Ta Chi Po (be one step ahead) 4.    Ham Ham (be gracious and give way) They are useful in business. In fact, he used to share business lessons in the dinner […]

I have recently been invited to give a talk to school owners and principals on “How to Market Your School” and part of my talk was about the “Certified Marketing Teacher” (CMT) program, one of the advocacies of Mansmith and Fielders Inc. (Full disclosure: I am Chairman.) After the said session, many requested if I can help and share the same to […]

Sharing an advocacy campaign from Mansmith and Fielders Inc. below where 100% of the proceeds will go to Taal eruption survivors. “Marketers need to prepare marketing strategy to win in the marketplace but many do not have a practical way to choose the appropriate marketing strategy leading them to practice trial-and-error on their way to marketing ‘la la land’. In […]

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