My 10 Political Marketing Related Articles in 2016

2016 started as a year of bashing! I got bashed by the Aldub fans when I wrote about “The Eat Bulaga Plateau and How They Can Get Out of It ( I showed my business feature editor in Inquirer (where my articles are cross posted every Friday) how a fandom attacked me and my editor advised me that they got their own share of abuses as well. It turned out to be a rehearsal to more bashings as I wrote a few articles about the Philippine elections (please see below).

I wrote two post-election articles decoding the effective defense communication strategy of candidate Rodrigo Duterte — how his social media team responded every time someone talked negatively about Duterte. The other article is about the non-traditional political campaign of Duterte alongside the marketing lessons we can learn from the 2016 presidential elections.

Here are the Top 10 articles about politics:

1) Decoding a Demagogue Strategy in the Philippine Elections (blog exclusive)

2) Marketing Lessons of the 2016 Presidential Elections

3) Defensive Marketing Communications

4) Applying The 5C’s of Execution to Philippine Election (blog exclusive)

5) Duterte’s New Logic

6) Give Us This Day Our Daily Ride

7) Market Segmentation Post Marcos Burial

8) Repositioning Presidential Candidates

9) Elections Over, Let’s Market the Philippines

10) 21 Customer Service Ideas for Civil Servants

To read my Top 10 Q&A’s in 2016, click my Top 10 marketing and innovation articles in 2016 can be read via

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