I have a proposal on how big drugstore chains such as Mercury, Watsons, TGP, Rose, South Star, and more can help retrenched employees get their medicines for free without costing them a single centavo (no, it’s not asking for them from suppliers!). Like when rounding off tips in restaurants, drugstore chains should allow customers to round off their purchase amount […]

On August 11 2020 (Tuesday) during the first of sixth series of the 15th Mansmith Young Market Masters Summit (YMMS), the marketing community will experience the first FREE Marketing Unconference in the Philippines. What exactly makes this unconference different compared to traditional marketing conferences? Read the quick guide below: Mansmith and Fielders Inc. has adopted the theme “Reconnecting Marketing in the […]

China was the first country affected by COVID-19, and was also the first country to recognize the need to stimulate their economy quickly to reverse a minus 6.8% in their gross domestic product (GDP) during the first quarter. They were successful, resulting in a 3.2% growth in GDP for the second quarter of 2020 when most economies registered a negative […]

I would like to propose to our government the following rewards for medical and health workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic: Income tax exemption for 2020. A FREE overnight stay in a hotel with breakfast included (ceiling amount to be provided). Aside from good rest, this can also help the tourism industry get back on its feet. Massage crews to be […]

The July 3-6, 2020 national survey from Social Weather Stations (SWS) found that 20.9%, an estimated 5.2 million Filipino families, experienced involuntary hunger – hunger due to lack of food to eat – at least once in the past three months.That is roughly 23 million hungry Filipinos. I have a proposal to benefit the hungry, as well as restaurants. It […]

I just finished my first 5-session Business Acumen Zoom class for high school students where I was blessed with eight bright students from Manila, Cebu and Davao. A Buffet of Interesting Topics It is the first time I designed a buffet of business topics for a seminar, aimed to give the students a head start advantage. We discussed Tik Tok […]

Boxing as Business Story Picture this: you and your friends have saved up and paid the joining fee to operate your license as boxers. You have been practicing for your debut boxing fight, but once you enter the ring, the rules change. You can no longer use your hands versus your opponent in the first three rounds. In fact, your […]

(Talk given on July 24, 2020 during the Leadership Excellence Series in NCR of the Department of Tourism)  Recovery is all about length of time and effort needed to bounce back. Value chain also looks into the time and effort required in each stage of the process before products or services can be sold to a paying consumer. It also […]


A recession is when there are two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth, like what is happening in the Philippines today. The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) predicted that some 12 million Filipinos, out of 44 million in the labor force may be out of a job before year end of 2020. The number of Covid19 cases continues […]

Have you ever experienced closing down a business? Losing money to fraud?  A painful break up in a personal or professional relationship? Being involved in a major car accident? Being sexually abused as a child? Being betrayed by someone you trusted?  There are too many devastating incidents to mention, but their commonality is that they are traumatic events in one’s life that […]

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