The highly influential book “Competitive Strategy” marks its 41st anniversary this year. This book made Harvard Professor Michael Porter the undisputed thought leader in strategy for many decades. Concepts like the 3 ways to compete (differentiation, low cost, or focus), the 5 forces of industry analysis, and the value chain became classic must-knows for anyone in business. Although some of […]

The level of disruption forced upon businesses in 2020 was unimaginable.  Some were shell-shocked but managed to stretch resources to live another day.  Still, some were more ahead of the curve and were able to gain more in the crisis.  With the start of 2021 giving people a natural re-set and more hope, this is also a good time to […]

Last December 1 for Mansmith and Fielders’ 30th anniversary, I launched my new Business Model Course through Mansmith’s digital platform, Continuum Academy, a deep dive into the Mansmith Business Model Map framework organized into a full 55-video course complete with collaborative lessons and interviews from successful Filipino companies. As part of this anniversary celebration, those who availed of the course were granted complementary […]

When I formulated the 7-step process of Market-Driving Strategy in 2009, the 7th step was to convert a compelling market-driving strategy into a compelling business model. Thus, I launched the Mansmith Business Model Map the next year as a next in sequence to the Market-Driving Strategy, with a well-received Business Model Innovation seminar eventually running on June 24 – 25, 2010. It was so successful, we […]

2020 started as a year of crisis! From the eruption of Taal Volcano to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. I wrote many articles to help and inspire entrepreneurs and businesses to adapt and cope with the pandemic. Here are the Top 10 Covid-19 related articles (according to number of readers) that our readers loved. Remembering Henry Sy During the Pandemic 8 […]

A lot of people know me as an author of marketing books, and as a business educator. Since the pandemic, I have taken the time to write quick and easy to read articles not just about marketing but also about business model. In fact, I have launched a 55-video Business Model Course that can be viewed at My top 10 […]

Happy New Year. I am honored to have Q&As with leaders of different industries. They made time and unselfishly gave their insights in order for others to benefit from the learnings they shared. Thanks to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Philippines no. 1 broadsheet, for cross posting. My top 10 Q&A (according to the number of readers) in 2020 are:  […]

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