When the corona virus hit Wuhan, China and was brought to the awareness of the rest of the world in late 2019 or early 2020, many economies were caught flatfooted, unable to respond adequately or quickly; even the wealthiest and most powerful countries were unprepared for the crisis of this lifetime.   Nearby economies were even seen to be more susceptible, because […]


P168 only for a limited time9 videos and 13 reflection exercises Most entrepreneurs are suffering because of Covid and the ECQ. The lack of revenues but ongoing costs will force them to make choices before cash run dry. I have created an online seminar to help entrepreneurs make deliberate choices, not impulsive ones. The content of this seminar is based […]

In June 2017, I launched a pioneering seminar “5 Skills of Master Strategists” after finding commonalities in the successful approaches of CEOs when in comes to strategy formulation and execution. The 5 skills are sensemaking, innovating, influencing, executing and discovering. I started interviewing CEOs, CMOs and award-winning young marketers in my blog since May 9, 2014, although I have featured dozens of […]

Continuum Academy Inc., the online learning subsidiary of Mansmith and Fielders Inc., was launched last March 19, 2020 with its maiden offering, a free course on “Marketing During Corona Virus”.   Over three thousand marketers and entrepreneurs were in attendance despite having only a two day-notice. While going into online digital learning was already in the pipeline of Mansmith as one […]

David versus Goliath is a popular story in the Bible (1 Samuel 17) where the underdog David won in the Valley of Elah, in spite of the odds against him.  The giant Goliath challenged the Israelites to single combat mornings and evenings for forty days disturbing them while they were in their prayers. The Israelites ran away in terror each time […]

I saw an announcement of Unilever Philippines allocating P1 billion as cash flow relief for vulnerable customers, plus early payment for financially-constrained small suppliers. Here is one company who understands and empathizes with small entrepreneurs, even anticipating their needs, and  creating more certainty for the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) during these trying times. I, for one, would buy more of […]


Metro Manila is in week three of the community quarantine that took effect last March 15, 2020, which eventually included the whole of Luzon, in hopes to contain the corona virus, or as many call it- “to flatten the curve.” Other parts of the Philippines has since followed suit. As we hope for fast recovery and normalcy in all aspects […]

It began with an infrastructure – a Viber group that allowed over 100 Acropolis homeowners to communicate about things of interest to the community, some of which required fast decision making, or needing discussion on important matters that affected every one. Eventually, more and more homeowners were asking each other for referrals in that online community, leading to the offering […]

Ramonito “Monching” Tampos is the President and Managing Director of Merck Inc., a German science and technology company operating in the Philippines. He started work while in high school as a janitor of Radiowealth Finance for six months in Cebu. His first stint in the pharmaceutical industry was as a casual medical representative of a local pharma company, moved to […]

Chris Lim is the President of U-Franchise and Chief Executive Officer of Francorp Philippines, the largest franchise brokerage company and franchise consulting company in the Philippines, respectively. Chris won the 2019 Agora Awards for entrepreneurship (medium-scale). In this Q&A, he gives a guideline of the factors to consider before recommending franchisors and franchisees to sign a deal together.  Q1: When […]

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