Conversation with an eMBA Working Student 

I had the opportunity to interview a manager in a multinational company about the ongoing MBA course being taken by this individual. For confidential reasons and upon their personal request, I will not identify the name and gender of this individual.

I am providing a summary of their dislikes, wish-list, overkill, and likes.


1. “Schedule: On top of the Friday 6:00-9:30 and Saturday 9:00-4:30 classes, they didn’t tell us about the other schedules during the week which I was not prepared [for].”

2. “Marketing program was not as extensive as I had hoped. Most of the program, I already knew.”

3. “I don’t think there is enough time to learn, discuss, process with just 5 sessions consisting of 3 hours each per course.”

4. “The reading materials are so rich, but the time given to read and understand is not realistic. I had an 800 page book for XXX, nasa Chapter 1 pa lang ako tapos na ‘yung program.”

5. “4 to 6 hours per week for learning team working sessions, plus exams/quizzes were done outside class hours so that’s another 2-3 hours per week.”

6. “MDS (a Mansmith and Fielders marketing course) gave more frameworks and more examples that we can relate to (vs. that from my eMBA school).”


1.  “Preparation (lessons) available for Econ and Finance Management. Preparation (lessons) was only for Accounting.” 

2. “Schedule of classes, exams, [and] workload provided before registration (full disclosure).”


1.  “60 students in 1 zoom room all trying to gain class participation points (for P1.5 million tuition).”


1. “Study now pay later (0% installment 5Y to pay)”

2. “Most of the professors are successful practitioners and share a lot of insights, not just theories.

3. “Community is collaborative and caring.”

4. “I still think despite my complaints, I’m still getting a better education and experience in YYY than I would have in ZZZ (another MBA school).”


  1. If you are the MBA school, how can you better communicate and manage expectations of working students to avoid surprises e.g. additional 6-9 hours weekly schedules needed to make time for the MBA work? 
  2. How can you address the complaints that the marketing courses of Mansmith and Fielders “gave more frameworks and more examples” compared to your MBA school?

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