Two weeks before our CEO Market Masters Conference was to be held last March 2020, we had to reschedule the conference for the safety of the marketing community. It is now scheduled on Nov 16-20, 2020, 2-4pm featuring 17 CEOs with official endorsement and support from 21 major organizations. Good thing we rescheduled, a few days after, a lockdown was declared […]


Dennis Anthony Uy is the founder and CEO of Converge ICT Solutions, Inc., the first and fastest growing end-to-end fiber internet provider in the Philippines. Mr. Uy’s talent and keen eye for innovation has led Converge to successfully provide quality-conscious consumers with high speed fixed broadband internet at value for money prices and continue to cater to the demands of a […]

We at Mansmith and Fielders, the leading marketing and sales training company in the Philippines, recently launched Continuum Academy at the beginning of the quarantine period in order to provide its catalogue of expertise and knowledge to businesspeople and entrepreneurs in a safe and accessible online way.  However, just launching a new e-learning dimension to our regular seminars and events […]

I actually started doing sales training even before Mansmith and Fielders Inc. was founded in 1990. Three years as a working student and three years doing FMCG brand marketing work at RFM after graduation prepared me for the work of an entrepreneur. One of the operations I started running as a start-up was a direct sales company. That new venture […]

I had a recent talk with a financial advisor. She used to be a manager at a multinational company, but decided to do insurance part-time after she got married, as she was already getting bored with staying home as a housewife. She shared the following thoughts with me: Dislikes: 1.     In the beginning, it was hard to face rejection. No matter […]

Want to know what online learning courses marketers and businesspeople enrolled in during the lockdown? Reviewing enrollees in Mansmith’s Continuum Academy showed overwhelming demand for courses geared towards starting up and growing a business. The top 4 courses are: 1.     Entrepreneurship (by Josiah Go) 2.     40 Ways to Drive Business Growth (By Josiah Go)  3.   […]

I would like to share the main talking points from my presentation at the Metro Manila Business Conference (MMBC) of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry last September 4, 2020. Disruption occurs when incumbent players misjudge their ability to have business continuity. Most entrepreneurs & executives ignored the history of selective lockdowns in Beijing and HK during the SARS […]


(Updated Oct 5, 2020) There are subjects I wish were taught in schools by qualified teachers: Practical skills and advice needed after college, as part of our culture building as a country. The effectiveness of adding two more years to high school is not yet measurable, but one thing is for sure. The thin slicing of the accounting, business, and […]

In my previous article (7 Consumer Coping Behaviors of the Unemployed), I shared how revenues and volume can be affected by a recession, especially with a record-breaking 45.5% or 27.3 million (SWS, July 2020) Filipinos unemployed during this unprecedented pandemic (Government estimate was 10% or 4.6 million). Now, this article will suggest a potential way to create new revenues and profit, […]

In my previous post, I wrote about the shocking 45.5% unemployment rate, equivalent to 27.3 million people unemployed in the Philippines as of June 2020, according to the Social Weather Station. This unprecedented level of unemployment will affect the shopping behavior of almost half the workforce. Unless the government will be willing and ready to launch consumption stimulus similar to […]

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