I had the opportunity to interview a manager in a multinational company about the ongoing MBA course being taken by this individual. For confidential reasons and upon their personal request, I will not identify the name and gender of this individual. I am providing a summary of their dislikes, wish-list, overkill, and likes. Dislikes: 1. “Schedule: On top of the Friday […]


Philip is 43 years old, a single parent taking care of 2 kids studying in grade school. He has been a Grab driver for 1.5 years. Previously, he was an Uber driver for 6 months, but decided to be accredited by Uber and Grab simultaneously. According to Philip, Uber had a lot more customers even if they charged a 25% […]

Last May 5-6, 2017, Rex Book Store organized a seminar allowing me to help a group of marketing professors from 5 schools improve their mastery on marketing strategy. In our session on assembling value proposition, I used Safeguard, the dominant brand of germicidal soap in the Philippines, as an example and asked users of Safeguard to comment about their usage […]

I started a new section in my blog, ‘Conversation’ series where I interview on-the-street people regarding their work and personal thoughts. There are reflection questions at the end of each article for the readers to chew on for individual learning. For my first interview, I talked to an Uber driver-entrepreneur on my way to the airport in Boston last April […]

Starting today, I will write about my conversations with real on-the-street people about specific companies or brands. This represents a snapshot or indicator of how one feels about a company or brand and should not be taken as representative sample as it is not an official market research. The person can be a consumer, a channel customer or even a […]

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