Like my team, when I decided the final price of the 55 4k-quality videos in my new Business Model Course, most of my guests were surprised at the unique pricing scheme. Instead of US$1995, it is priced at the same level of a good book: US$30 for the duration of 2020, since it is the 30th anniversary of Mansmith and […]

Unprecedented circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic have made things hard for everyone this year, especially SMEs and entrepreneurs. However, this is also the best opportunity for them to think outside the box and pivot their business model into new realities. As we celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Day 8 Business Academy, we are thinking like an agile startup and […]

REX Bookstore is one the major suppliers of textbooks to all the major schools in the Philippines. Celebrating their 70th year in 2020, it’s Chief Operating Officer, Don Buhain, shares with us insights about the book business. Q1: REX Book Store has preferred the school segment more than selling retail. What made you focus more on this segment? A1: For […]

One of the startups I admire is a Chinese company called Bytedance. Established in 2012, it has now become one of the most valuable startup unicorns. Bytedance is the parent company of Tiktok, the fast growing, albeit controversial,artificial intelligence-supported short video app known as Douyin in China. Douyin was launched in 2016, and they created the TikTok spinoff for international […]

In many conferences being held all over the world, continuing discussions remain focused on managing change or managing uncertainty – as if resistance to change is not enough of a hurdle, or that the level of uncertainty has become unimaginable, if not impossible.  These words – uncertain, unimaginable, impossible are words you don’t hear from hard core entrepreneurs – who […]

If you could ask one or two important questions to the CEO of a major company, what would you ask and why? If you could get valuable insights from high-powered CEOs in numerous industries in the Philippines, how would it benefit you and your organization? There’s no denying the year has been full of extenuating circumstances that have significantly impacted […]

Francisco Lapid is the Chairman of SPAC Information Technology (IT-SPAC), an Information Technology and Human Resource provider celebrating its 15th year. Along with Entrepreneurs Jorge Wieneke, Zarah Juan and Dr. Anton Mari Lim, and honorary winners Secretary Ramon Lopez and Presidential Adviser Joey Concepcion, Pax Lapid is part of the first batch winners of The WE Awards for Purposeful Entrepreneurship […]

Lafayette Alvarez Lim is the President of the New City Commercial Center (NCCC), the biggest consumer retail chain in Davao with over 40 stores. He won the 2019 Agora Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship – Large-scale category, one of the few people from outside Metro Manila who won an Agora. In this interview, he shares how to compete with […]

What is the traditional logic of business associations on how they operate? They typically have the following: They have big name organizers They screen membership They have monthly membership meetings (now webinars) They have dress codes They have big connectors They have big donors The last few months during this pandemic have shown online Facebook groups and communities disrupting traditional […]

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