I am thrilled to recount the success of the recently concluded 14th Mansmith Market Masters Conference (MMC) last May 17, 2023 in SMX Manila. Based on feedback, the event surpassed all expectations, leaving attendees enlightened and even wanting for more. This year’s MMC delivered four engaging sessions featuring a carefully curated panel of luminaries from the realms of marketing, entrepreneurship, […]

Dorothy Dee-Ching is Jollibee Philippines’ Head of Marketing. She won the Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards (YMMA) in 2016. She shares her insights about spotting marketing talent in this interview.  Q1: In your decades of handling managerial talents, especially in marketing, how do you know you have chosen the right marketing talent?  Are there traits you watch out for at […]

Even before PURPOSE claimed its own space in the growth equation of companies, Mansmith and Fielders had  already owned a unique positioning in the training industry.  Mansmith is not just a training and consulting firm with a specialized focus on marketing, sales, and innovation, it is the only company in its field driven by advocacy. This transition happened in 2004 […]

Issa Guevarra-Cabreira is the chief commercial officer of Globe Telecom.  Under her watch, Globe rose to mobile leadership beginning 4Q of 2016, and has held the number 1 position to this day. In August 2019, Issa was appointed managing director of 917 Ventures, the largest corporate incubator in the country, tasked to create new businesses beyond telco, and to oversee […]

Advocacy-based marketing training and consulting company, Mansmith and Fielders Inc., has bestowed a 5-year P33-million scholarship grant that aims to train 4,000 marketing professors and teachers across the Philippines.  By enhancing their skills and knowledge through marketing training courses, these educators will be better equipped to deliver relevant, up-to-date and practical marketing education to their students. The ripple effect of […]

J. Patrick Cua is the Managing Director for Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar of NIQ, the world’s leading consumer intelligence company for retailers and consumer goods manufacturers. With operations in over 100 countries, NIQ provides its clients with information and insights on consumer buying behavior. In this interview, he shares their research about marketing during high inflation times.  Q1: What impact does […]

Issa Baron is the Managing Partner of Good Thinking Research and was past president of the Marketing and Opinion Research Society of the Philippines (MORES).  Here she answers some of the most common questions about consumer insighting.  Q1: What are some of the most significant trends you are seeing in consumer behavior, and how can firms leverage them to improve their […]

I live by the quote of Abigail Adams who said “Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” Being an educator compels and propels me to be a constant learner. As such, I love attending business conferences that cover the latest trends, and feature the best minds who share both […]

At the onset of the pandemic lockdown in  2020, Mansmith put together the Mansmith Marketing Inspiration Festival as a way of providing new sources of inspiration during very uncertain (and scary) times.  The festival was  an online program that featured 30 successful business leaders who shared their stories of overcoming adversity and achieving success. One of the standout speakers at […]

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