In my previous article (7 Consumer Coping Behaviors of the Unemployed), I shared how revenues and volume can be affected by a recession, especially with a record-breaking 45.5% or 27.3 million (SWS, July 2020) Filipinos unemployed during this unprecedented pandemic (Government estimate was 10% or 4.6 million). Now, this article will suggest a potential way to create new revenues and profit, […]

In my previous post, I wrote about the shocking 45.5% unemployment rate, equivalent to 27.3 million people unemployed in the Philippines as of June 2020, according to the Social Weather Station. This unprecedented level of unemployment will affect the shopping behavior of almost half the workforce. Unless the government will be willing and ready to launch consumption stimulus similar to […]

The Social Weather Station (SWS) reported that 45.5% of the country’s adult labor force, equivalent to 27.3 million people, are jobless as of June 2020, more than double the pessimistic prediction of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP), the largest labor union in the Philippines. They had 12 million as the expected number of unemployed by 2020 year-end. […]


Leadership means getting things done, and getting things done is about execution, so leadership is about execution.  Of course, before one can execute, one needs a clear goal, a strategy and an action plan. Whether the plan is to follow somebody else’s plan or execute one’s own, it is important to understand the links between goals, strategy, execution and leadership. […]

I bought a couple of Virginia’s ready-to-cook breaded shrimp products because I was attracted to their packaging, which stood out in the freezer section of the All Home supermarket near my house. I have never seen their shrimp products before as I know of Virginia Farms as a producer of swine and chicken products in Cebu. I wondered if they […]

In this pandemic, many companies have resorted to different moves. Here are 4 I would like to demystify.  Myth #1: Cut marketing costs during a recession. Truth: Within the 3 mandates in a business recovery we have been sharing, cutting unnecessary costs to attain operational efficiency is a critical goal, but it needs to be balanced with the other two, […]

In April 2020, unemployment records showed that 17.7% or 7.3 million Filipinos were unemployed. The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) warned that unemployment may reach 12 million before the year ends. That estimate turned out to be conservative. The latest survey from the Social Weather Station (SWS), conducted from July 3-6, 2020, showed the estimated numbers of jobless […]

Many businesses are affected by COVID-19, but what may be more important is the lead-up to the pandemic’s challenges: the reasons some businesses have crumbled can be traced to how they may or may not have anticipated the lockdown and their response (or lack thereof) to it. In other words, business problems rising from COVID-19 might just be a symptom. The […]

Austerity Marketing is marketing to consumers who do not want to spend, such as in an economic downturn. It is the natural behavior of consumers to be a lot more conservative during a recession, but marketers still have a mandate to satisfy the changing needs of the consumers while simultaneously growing their brand profitably. The biggest myth, however, is that […]

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