With the recently concluded Philippine elections, expect post-game analyses on how campaigns were conducted and the lessons that can be replicated not just in politics but also in business.  In this case, I will be applying a Mansmith business framework – the 3Es and 3Os of a great campaign and see how this was applied in the elections.   The […]

I had the opportunity to interview a manager in a multinational company about the ongoing MBA course being taken by this individual. For confidential reasons and upon their personal request, I will not identify the name and gender of this individual. I am providing a summary of their dislikes, wish-list, overkill, and likes. Dislikes: 1. “Schedule: On top of the Friday […]


(Note: This Q&A was originally featured on March 27, 2015 with update provided on April 29, 2022) Cebuana Lhuillier is in the Guinness World Record as the largest chain of pawnshops in the world with some 3000 outlets, bigger than many banks combined, serving mostly – the ordinary “unbanked” population. Its president and CEO, Jean Henri Lhuillier was a recipient […]

Ronald Mascariñas is the President and CEO of Bounty Agro Ventures. Aside from launching Chooks-to-Go and Uling Roasters, now the dominant cooked chicken brands in the Philippines with over 2,000 take-out stores, Bounty has launched HeiHei, Chooks! dine-in restaurant, and made their products available through an omnichannel strategy. He and his team innovated on Bounty’s business model from being a poultry […]

The Primer Group’s core businesses are in retail and distribution of 150 premium consumer and travel brands in outdoor, travel, footwear, fashion, action sports, wellness and urban lifestyle.  They have over 350 stores in over a dozen countries. It has diversified into industrial products and services offering green solutions, with businesses in air-conditioning and energy management, full-scale printing and manufacturing, […]

One in two Filipino employees is struggling with mental health issues. The same is true for every one in two SME entrepreneurs (Source: Day 8 Business Academy SME research). Richard Estrella, Country Head of MindNation and Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards (YMMA) winner of 2021 shares that since 2019, MindNation (now in the Philippines) has helped over 200,000 individuals worldwide with […]

I used to be the youngest in many things – – youngest national president of the Philippine Marketing Association (then) at age 28, youngest bestselling marketing author at age 31, youngest Agora Awardee in Marketing Education at age 32, youngest lifetime achievement awardee in marketing education at age 45. I have been extremely blessed  and grateful for all of God’s gifts in my life.  But […]

A couple of clients from different industries asked me to comment about their intended price increase, so I wrote about the “7 Options to Increase Profit Without Increasing Price“.  This is a follow up article to those without any other recourse but to increase price.  In other words, this is to prepare for a Plan B scenario if any of the […]

Costs of goods and services have gone up because of the recent oil price hike which has multiplying effects along the value chain. The usual option considered is to increase price. As part of good governance practices, many companies require executives not just to show actual and expected cost increases but also alternatives to avoid any price increase during sensitive […]

There was a time I conducted a series of experiments inside restaurants. There may be a few restaurants aware of using psychological techniques in designing menus to influence customers to order more, or the higher priced item, or the one that gives better margins.  This thinking I assume, would have been explained to the wait staff with corresponding training on […]

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