Marketing Defined. Marketing is the process of continuously and profitably satisfying target customer’s needs, wants, and expectations superior to competition. Note the six key elements in the marketing definition: Marketing Concepts. The marketing definition above lays the groundwork for understanding the five interrelated marketing concepts, specifically: Depending on the culture or the context of the industry of the business, how […]

Background: A bargain refers to a favorable deal in which products or services are acquired by customers at a lower cost than usual. It can take various forms, such as outright price reductions or sales promotions like “20% more,” “Buy 2 Get 1,” free delivery, special offers, and more. It can also encompass added value, like advance or special event […]

A business model is a document that outlines how a company creates, captures, and delivers value to its customers and consumers in line with its vision. This concise one-page document can replace a lengthy 100-page business plan. Think of a business model as a way to see the big picture of how your business is designed. To help create a […]

It’s been 4 years since my last book launch in 2019, and I am excited to share that a new one is to be launched soon – “Marketing for Beginners,” co-authored by myself, pioneering marketing anthropologist Chiqui Escareal-Go, CEO of Mansmith and Fielders Inc., and the dynamic digital consultant RG Gabunada, Partner of Louder PH. This book is designed to refresh marketing […]

Passionate about learning? Ready to supercharge your career? Join me on an extraordinary journey through the must-attend conferences of 2024, hosted by The Mansmith Group! Gain fresh insights, ignite your inspiration, and reshape your future.  After a 3-year break from hosting a live event and switching to online events because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is surprising how well the […]

Business Model Map of a Low-Cost Carrier (Decoded by Josiah Go) Let’s begin by examining a scenario where superb marketing is coupled with an insufficient business model during the entry of budget airlines into the industry Case 1: Philippine Airlines (PAL) smartly offered different classes – first, business, and economy – to suit various travelers’ needs. PAL also emphasized their sterling […]

Rio Ilao is the Founder and CEO of MobileOptima, Inc., one of the top technology companies in the Philippines specializing in sales force automation and workforce management solutions. Its leading enterprise solution, Tarkie, digitizes and automates field processes like digital forms and field monitoring with real-time data to give companies 360 visibility on their field operations and help make real-time decisions. […]

Innovation, a term widely bandied about in various conversations, and corporate functions. Some companies have even dedicated positions to innovation management, aiming to embed it within their corporate culture, processes, and mindsets. It is imperative, then, to gain a clear understanding of what innovation truly entails, enabling businesses to direct their efforts and resources towards genuine innovation, rather than pursuing […]

During our recent visit to the Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan, South Korea, my partners and I from Mansmith and Fielders Inc. encountered a remarkable stall, manned by a vibrant and friendly 30-year-old man (let’s call him Mr. H). Let me share the story of how he showcased exceptional selling skills that set him apart from other stall owners. As […]

Barton “Bart” Canon is the SVP for Commercial Operations of Fly Ace Corporation, marketer of Jolly canned vegetables, canned fruits, Doña Elena Mediterranean products (olive oil, olives & capers, pasta & pesto sauces, canned tomatoes, anchovy, bottles sardines & canned tuna) , Good Life oriental products (sotanghon, egg noodle, bihon, bread crumbs, sesame oil, oyster sauce) and other food products, […]

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