I have always believed that brand awareness and brand association can be enhanced with relevant and sustainable advocacy programs.  This 3A’s – awareness, association and advocacy – is a framework that shapes the concept of share of mind in marketing. I have been fortunate to discover many such corporate case studies in societal marketing and I share them here below.   […]

In 2022, the most read articles (according to the  number of readers) in my blog josiahgo.com reveal interest in diverse themes.  Choice topics cover both current events such as the election campaign in the first quarter of the year, as well as recurring marketing concerns on pricing and customer satisfaction.   I also observed how over the years, most readers want to refresh […]

Happy New Year. There is always much to learn from Filipino  business leaders and innovators coming from different industries featured in my blog josiahgo.com almost every week.  I am eternally grateful and honored when they say yes, and take time to unselfishly give their insights, that benefit many marketers and their companies. Readers seem to be preparing for post-pandemic “normalcy” and growth, […]

Typically, my family would order from food entrepreneurs at least two to four meals weekly, sometimes even more frequently. We wanted to support entrepreneurs as well as the economy. In fact, I released a 4-minute free video “Business Model Map for Food Delivery Business” on YouTube to help these entrepreneurs understand the bigger picture of their business–many have thanked me […]

Premortem is a pre-event or pre-launch meeting where members articulate and anticipate anything that may cause an initiative to fail. The technique is a decision making tool developed by Dr. Gary Klein that was intended to improve a plan by removing overconfidence and reducing errors.  In anticipating problems and worst case scenarios, the company can prevent financial and/or reputation risk […]

Mike Canlas and his wife Lucci started Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus at the height of the 2020 pandemic. After expanding through franchising, they developed over 40 take-out stores in over a year (now with 100 stores). Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus won an international NextGen franchising competition in 2021. In this interview, Bang Bang co-founder Mike Canlas shares how […]

The Cobra effect is a kind of perverse incentive where loopholes or weaknesses are exploited in an offer intended to influence behavior to solve issues, making the problems worse.  Recipients of these incentives that could be well-meant but with unintended consequences, include external customers or internal executives. A classic example of the cobra effect, was first observed in India when […]

Ryan K Cruz is the Founder and CEO of Nippon Hasha, composed of Ramen Yushoken and Mendokoro Ramenba, food establishments that have been attracting long lines of quality-conscious customers.  Ryan spoke in the 5th Entrep Summit organized by Day 8 Business Academy, and Mansmith and Fielders Inc. about facing adversities during Covid-19 and how they emerged stronger afterwards. His talk, along […]

Esports is a competitive gaming industry where gamers play in organized, multiplayer matches. It is a relatively new industry. In this interview, Ronald Robinson Robins, Founder and CEO of esports pioneer Mineski Global, the largest esports organization in Southeast Asia, shares with us the latest about the esports industry.  Q1:  How big is esports? What was the tipping point that […]

Wearing masks and keeping social distance are already optional in many places outside the Philippines. Even some airlines no longer require wearing masks in flight.  When my wife Chiqui and I decided to once again to attend an innovation festival we have been frequenting in New York since 2016, the feeling of movement and some normalcy was definitely liberating!   While […]

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