Winners of Industry’s First Sales Awards Announced

In an exciting development for the sales community, Mansmith and Fielders proudly present the first set of winners of the Mansmith Sales Masters Awards. This highly anticipated recognition aims to celebrate excellence among sales professionals, marking an unprecedented milestone in the industry.

The carefully selected honorees represent a diverse range of industries and have demonstrated outstanding performance in various aspects of sales:

  1. AJ Astoriano, Head of Commercial Excellence and Sales Force Effectiveness for Asia of Zuellig Pharma Asia-Pacific
  2. Bart Canon, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations of Fly Ace Corporation
  3. Beth Dureza, Managing Director for Asia Pacific of IBS Electronics Group
  4. John Asher Lu, Sales Director of P&G Philippines 
  5. Cheri Moran, Vice President of Sales of URC

Why these awards matter:

The goals of the Mansmith Sales Masters Awards are threefold: 

Positive Economic Impact: Sales professionals play a pivotal role in driving revenue generation, job creation, and business expansion. By recognizing excellence in sales, the Mansmith Sales Masters Awards contribute to economic development and prosperity within society.

Inspiration and Aspiration: The Mansmith Sales Masters Awards will inspire others to aim higher and pursue their aspirations. By showcasing success stories and role models, the awards program encourages individuals to strive for excellence in their sales careers.

Promotion of Ethical Conduct: Ethical conduct is a cornerstone of the sales profession. By recognizing ethical behavior as a criterion for awards, Mansmith Sales Masters Awards set a standard for integrity and transparency within the industry, promoting a culture of ethical conduct among sales professionals.

Criteria for selection:

The winners were chosen based on five criteria – outstanding sales, sales management, or development performance; role model in their own company; commitment to professional development; inspiring leadership and mentoring; and demonstrated ethical conduct.

About Mansmith:

Mansmith and Fielders Inc. is an advocacy-based consulting company specializing in marketing, sales, and innovation, which has established itself as the platinum standard in awards and recognition in the industry. With a track record of launching prestigious awards such as the Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards (YMMA) since 2006, Mansmith Market Masters Mentors Awards since 2015, and Mansmith Innovation Awards since 2021, Mansmith is synonymous with excellence and credibility in the industry. Notably, Mansmith awards not only do not require entry fees but also do not charge for awards night fees, making them accessible to all deserving individuals. Backed by major market-leading brands like Century Tuna, Chooks-to-Go, ConvergeICT, Doña Elena Olive Oil, GCash, JS Unitrade (EQ), NutriAsia, Orocan, UnionBank, Abenson, Double Dragon, Waters Philippines and Inquirer, the Mansmith Awards are a testament to the company’s commitment to celebrating and nurturing talent in marketing, sales, and innovation.

The Mansmith Sales Masters Awards signify a significant step forward in acknowledging and celebrating excellence within the sales profession. As the industry commends the achievements of these remarkable professionals, there is an eagerness to further the mission of inspiring, empowering, and supporting the sales community. Congratulations to all the winners!


Josiah Go is chair and chief innovation strategist of Mansmith and Fielders. The search for Mansmith YMMA and Mansmith Innovation Awards are ongoing, visit for details

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