(Note: This talk was delivered at the 20th MarkProf annual Marketing Leadership Bootcamp, a transformative eight-Saturday free training program in marketing and business. Out of 1000 graduating collegiate student leaders nationwide who competed for a limited 25 slots, participants had the opportunity to engage with distinguished speakers, delve into topics not typically covered in academic settings, and benefit from personalized […]

In celebrating Chinese New Year, the careful choice and presentation of food go beyond just taste; it’s like an art that weaves together meanings of prosperity, happiness, and good fortune. Chinese traditions put a lot of importance on what certain foods symbolize, believing that eating them can bring positive things into your life. The auspicious meanings associated with these foods […]

Starting a business is like setting off on an exciting journey, but it’s not always a smooth ride. As you venture into the world of entrepreneurship, some key ideas can steer you towards long-term success. Let’s break down these marketing principles in a way that’s easy to understand for budding entrepreneurs. Principle no. 1. Awareness Before Revenues: The Power of […]

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, I find myself reflecting on the diverse topics that resonated with you, my cherished audience. It’s been an exhilarating journey exploring the intricacies of decision-making, particularly in our featured article, “15 Ways That Blurs Perspective in Decision Making,” which claimed the coveted Runaway No. 1 spot. Interestingly, the four foundational “what is” […]

Before we dive into this exciting guests of our record-breaking book launch, I want to take a moment to reminisce. Some of you may remember a similar blog I wrote when we launched our entrepreneurship book in 2018. Back then, we embarked on a journey to unveil the 4 gates model of entrepreneurship. Today, we are here to celebrate the launch of […]

An unforgettable moment occurred last October 11, 2023, during the launching of our book, ‘Marketing for Beginners: Start Strong. Succeed Fast.” Reaching a Diverse Audience: Right from the start, our aim was to create an innovative marketing book that breaks free from conventions. We wanted to make marketing accessible to all, simplify its complexities, and kindle the desire for success […]

Marketing Defined. Marketing is the process of continuously and profitably satisfying target customer’s needs, wants, and expectations superior to competition. Note the six key elements in the marketing definition: Marketing Concepts. The marketing definition above lays the groundwork for understanding the five interrelated marketing concepts, specifically: Depending on the culture or the context of the industry of the business, how […]

It’s been 4 years since my last book launch in 2019, and I am excited to share that a new one is to be launched soon – “Marketing for Beginners,” co-authored by myself, pioneering marketing anthropologist Chiqui Escareal-Go, CEO of Mansmith and Fielders Inc., and the dynamic digital consultant RG Gabunada, Partner of Louder PH. This book is designed to refresh marketing […]

Business Model Map of a Low-Cost Carrier (Decoded by Josiah Go) Let’s begin by examining a scenario where superb marketing is coupled with an insufficient business model during the entry of budget airlines into the industry Case 1: Philippine Airlines (PAL) smartly offered different classes – first, business, and economy – to suit various travelers’ needs. PAL also emphasized their sterling […]

Last 2015, we conducted a survey on  the ‘hirability’ of fresh graduates with the marketing heads of some of the biggest companies in the Philippines. We thank Albet Buddahim, vice president and chief marketing officer of the Primer Group of Companies, and Ampy Rio, chief marketing officer of Nutriasia, for answering our updated edition. Q1: When hiring fresh graduates for brand marketing work, what […]

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