Stripe allows web developers to embed a web payment service in about five minutes, making it as easy as embedding a YouTube video. Founded by two Irish college dropouts, brothers Patrick and John Collison, who have since moved to Silicon Valley, their early investors include the founders of a competing company, PayPal, Peter Thiel and Elon Musk. Stripe is disrupting […]

Waters Philippines is market leader in home water purifiers in the Philippines.  Launched in 1995 as the first consumer durable network marketing company in the Philippines, it struggled in the initial years with the need to educate sellers on the difference between network marketing (also known as MLM or multi-level marketing) versus illegal pyramiding, as well as the culture difference between a […]

When Chiqui and I became a couple back in college in the 80s, Chinese-Filipino relationships were not the norm due to perceived cultural differences. Chiqui is a Filipino and I am Chinese-Filipino, something that might not matter now as much as it did then. We have been together for over 30 years and maybe our example of a relationship originally […]

The goal of this article is to make the next administration as well as all civil servants understand one of the most fundamental marketing concept – Needs and Wants, and how voters’ choice in the National Capital Region (NCR) was shaped by opposition and how doing a good job felt by the ordinary people can influence the outcome of the next elections. In this case, I […]

Solmux is the leading brand of cough syrup in the Philippines with its bacteria expel action feature that expels bacteria with phlegm. In 2010, Solmux was attacked by an herbal brand which highlighted its non-chemical, no allergy, no side-effects benefit promising cough of children can be gone in three days using formulation from natural lagundi leaves. The sales of Solmux […]


The May 9, 2016 presidential election was one of the most vicious and ruthless elections ever with administration candidate Mar Roxas and incoming president Rody Duterte getting most of the hostilities. Criticism on the shortcomings of the Aquino presidency came initially from vice president Jejomar Binay, who resigned from the cabinet of President Benigno Aquino III on June 22, 2015 […]


Whoever you voted in the May 9 elections, it’s over except the official counting. Let’s be vigilant and not allow any cheating in whatever form by any candidate. Let’s also not be quick to over react to any rumor. Let us love our country Philippines more than any candidates. We did not vote for one candidate, we voted for our […]

I encountered the term “fandom” when an Aldub fan from the noon time TV variety show Eat Bulaga warned me that they are not just fans but a fandom and they can easily destroy me. It was a reaction to an article I wrote in January 2016 pointing the deteriorating number of TV viewers of Eat Bulaga from 2.5 million households in […]

I am sharing the DTI Administrative Order 8 of 2002 on the ban of pyramiding schemes. As indicated, many “pyramid sales scheme and such sales scheme have been used in the guise of legitimate multi level marketing, thus depriving consumers of their savings and hard-earned money”. It also disallowed “plan compensating participants balancing number of recruits than number of sales […]

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