I saw the video of Ariel India’s ‘Share The Load’ campaign when Inquirer’s business editor Raul Marcelo shared this in his Facebook page. It features a father apologizing to his daughter on unequal gender role where men take less responsibility at home even if both husband and wife are now working and tired when they get home. The father-and-daughter role […]

(Women power in my family: my daughter Tricia Gosingtian and my wife Chiqui Escareal-Go) March is International Women’s month, and as part of the celebration, this blog will exclusively feature Filipino women achievers who have made their mark in their chosen fields. I pursued this suggestion from Chiqui Escareal-Go when we were on a train from Munich, Germany to Salzburg, […]

‘The change you give can change lives’ Think about restaurants for a moment- customers are already giving something extra to the establishment by way of tips, usually via a rounding off process. For instance, a customer can round off a bill of P234 to P250 or may even decide to give a fixed amount like P50 to make it P284. […]

I have decided to share what I know about an issue where silence is the norm – Child Sex Abuse. ‘Spotlight’ was one of the many movies nominated in the Academy Awards. I watched this last Feb 12, 2016 in Eastwood. It was a movie about child sex abuse committed by those who were supposed to protect and nurture the […]

There are many ways to create innovation – product, process and business model are the three main types. Product innovation like new Samsung phone models can help bring in revenues. Process innovation like BPI computerized branches, which require customers to encode data of their deposit and withdrawal while waiting, can help bring down cost via efficiency. Then many times when […]

Stephanie Tan-Vargas or Tippi is marketing manager of Sta. Elena Properties Inc.. Besides being a mother of 4, she practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) at least four times a week which requires a lot of grappling and ground fighting, thus an exchange of sweat happens between practitioners. Tippi has in fact competed and won a gold medal in her first […]

Mansmith and Fielders Inc. CEO Chiqui Escareal-Go and I have spotted some key consumer trends; one of the recurring themes has been wellness. In 2014, we wrote about aging consumer segment resorting to the 7S’s to be in control of their youthful health, these 7S’s are spring water, sugar-free, spa, sleep, skin, stem cell, and surgery. In early 2015, we […]


Background: In July 2015, after 36 years in Philippine showbiz, Eat Bulaga ‘reinvented’ their TV show with the Aldub segment. Based on data provided by Kantar Media Philippines, Eat Bulaga was able to more than double the number of household viewers. From a base of 2.5 million households last July 2015, it went up to 6.2 million on October 24, […]

A lot of people know me as an author of marketing books, and as a trainer. Since I have started this blog, I have taken the time to write quick and easy to read articles about marketing. This is my substitute until I find the time to finish my 14th book. Again, the list below is arranged according to number […]

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