Choosing a Covid Vaccine: Like the 4 Stages in Choosing Potential In-Laws

Parents have been known to choose what’s best for their children. In Asia, many parents even ensure their children choose the right spouse. The process typically goes through different stages:

Stage 1: Enjoy – Parents say, “Why be in hurry? Enjoy life.” aka “You might commit a permanent mistake in choosing the wrong spouse.”

Stage 2: Idealistic – Parents continue specifying what they most desire. They encourage their children to study and select the best.

Stage 3: Compromise – They become open to compromising, having a repertoire of choices.  

Stage 4: Panic – Eventually, they reach no specification. “Just get married, please!” 

Meanwhile, with Covid-19 vaccination buy-in, choosing a Covid-19 vaccination brand goes through the same stages depending on a person’s state of mind. 

Stage 1: Enjoy: “Don’t get vaccinated. There are not enough studies. Better be sure than commit a permanent mistake.” 

Stage 2: Idealistic: Get vaccinated, but only by this brand. 

Stage 3: Compromise: Get vaccinated with any of the more popular brands.  

Stage 4: Panic: Just get vaccinated. Any brand will do. Better than hospitalization and dying. 

This state of mind is also a reflection of the risk attitudes of many. 

Stage 1: Covid-19 won’t affect me. 

Stage 2: Covid-19 may affect me.

Stage 3: Covid-19 will definitely affect me sooner or later. 

Stage 4: Some of my family members may even be asymptomatic Covid-19 carriers!

Risk Mitigation: 

There are four generally accepted ways to mitigate risk, more popularly known as the 4 T’s of risk mitigation. Each T, surprisingly, can be matched with each stage. 

Stage 1: Tolerate – No action taken, low risk seen staying at home.

Stage 2: Treat – such as using face mask, face shield, social distancing and frequent hand washing as contingent measures to reduce likelihood of getting affected.

Stage 3: Transfer – Such as taking action by buying an insurance to transfer the financial risk to the insurance companies.

Stage 4: Terminate – Such as the realization that staying at home is not a sustainable lifestyle, hence the need to have both insurance and a Covid-19 vaccination as well to control the risk. 

In conclusion, I am recommending the following:

  1. Work at home as much as possible and support SMEs by ordering food, wellness packages, etc. 
  2. If you can’t work at home and need to go out, always use a face mask and face shield, practice social distancing, and keep washing your hands with alcohol and sanitizer.
  3. Buy insurance that covers Covid-related hospitalization and death.
  4. Get a Covid-19 vaccination. At this point, you don’t need to be too choosy, just get vaccinated! 

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