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Conversation with Safeguard Users by Josiah Go

Last May 5-6, 2017, Rex Book Store organized a seminar allowing me to help a group of marketing professors from 5 schools improve their mastery on marketing strategy. In our...
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Conversation with a Spa Therapist by Josiah Go

I started a new section in my blog, ‘Conversation’ series where I interview on-the-street people regarding their work and personal thoughts. There are reflection questions at the end of each...
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Conversation with an Uber Entrepreneur By Josiah Go

I attended various courses at MIT Sloan and Harvard in Boston last March 22-April 6, 2017. My sister-in-law Wally, who lives in North Quincy, was generous to host me again...
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Conversation Series By Josiah Go

Starting today, I will write about my conversations with real on-the-street people about specific companies or brands. This represents a snapshot or indicator of how one feels about a company...
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