Young Social Entrepreneur Start-Up (YSESU) by Josiah Go

Want to be an entrepreneur with your good idea but lacking the resources? YSESU may be the answer! Gosingtian Ventures Inc. (angel investor) and Day 8 Business Academy Inc. (training for MSMEs) have teamed up to help aspiring entrepreneurs succeed.

If you have:

  • a dream to be entrepreneur
  • a humble family background
  • a defined social or consumer problem
  • a novel solution to solve above problem
  • a desire to contribute to social good
  • a commitment to run your own company

YSESU offers as many as 7Ms:

  • Money
  • Majority ownership
  • Mentorship
  • Material assistance
  • Mindset
  • Multiple linkage
  • Meaning

YSESU can help create Double Impact via:

  • To the recipient – funding a business where banks will not finance
  • To the customers – solving a problem of emerging customers

Here are qualifications:

  • Each group must have 3-4 people: a concept starter, an execution expert, a finance person, and another focusing on social impact.

The 4 stages of YSESU are: 

  • Stage 1 (Proposal stage): Submit a proposal to and indicating the ff:
    • problem being solved,
    • novel solution being provided,
    • amount of base funding needed, and
    • brief background of each member
  • Stage 2 (Semi-Finals): Chosen semi-finalists will be given various free training to refine their concept.
  • Stage 3 (Finals): Finalists will be chosen on the basis of feasibility (cost & margin, executable, financial viability) as well as social impact.
  • Stage 4 (Funding): Winners will be offered convertible notes funding to start operating their business.

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