Beyond Lakas ng Loob: Why Asking the Right Questions is Crucial in Business Consultation

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to ask the right questions to your mentors and consultants.But what happens when you ask the wrong questions? This is the case for one entrepreneur who sought the advice of marketing mentor Josiah Go during one of his weekly one-on-onepublic service mentoring.

After the entrepreneur explained her declining business situation, she asked Josiah Go with aquestion that many business owners may ask themselves: “Is lakas ng loob (courage) andcompetency enough for my business to survive?” While it’s essential to have courage and competence in running a business, this question misses the mark on what it takes to succeed.

Josiah Go’s response was clear and direct: “I will help you, but lakas ng loob is not the problem. Your issue is how to grow because you have good business result during the pandemic but now the market has opened up you are still very reliant on your past success formula”

In other words, the entrepreneur was asking the wrong question. Instead of focusing on whether she had the necessary personal qualities to run a business, she should have been asking how to grow her business and adapt to the changing market. This is a common mistake among entrepreneurs. It’s easy to get caught up in personal qualities like courage and competency, but these traits alone are not enough to build a successful business. It takes strategic planning, market research, and adaptability to thrive in today’sfast-paced business world.

Josiah Go’s advice is spot-on. Past success may have given a lifeline during the pandemic, but now that the market has opened up, it’s time to pivot and find new opportunities for growth. This could mean, among others, expanding into new markets, launching new products or services, or developing new marketing strategies.

The key takeaway is that clarity of business issues is crucial for success in business. Not focusing on symptoms but on root causes. As an entrepreneur, you need to be open to feedback and willing to pivot when necessary. It’s important to have the right team and to seek out mentors or consultants who can provide guidance and help you evaluate and redirect whatyou have in mind, instead of just boosting your ego.

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