My Top 10 Q&A Blog Posts in 2014 by Josiah Go

I started on May 9, 2014 with an interview with marketing expert Edwin Totanes. The interview was quite long and it had to be split into two parts. It remains the all-time favorite of readers in 2014. My top 10 Q&A blog posts for 2014 according to the number of readers are:

  1. Q&A with Universal Robina Corporation’s VP-Marketing Edwin Totanes on Launching and Defending New Products
  1. Q&A with Summit Media President Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng on Transforming the Magazine Industry
  1. Q&A with Primer Group CEO Jimmy Thai on Working with Spouses and Partners
  1. Q&A with Bounty Fresh CEO Tennyson Cheng on Innopreneurship and Overcoming Adversities as CEO
  1. Q&A with Victoria Court CEO Archie King on the Innovation Process
  1. Q&A with Hyundai Philippines President Fe Perez-Agudo on Being a Strong Challenger
  1. Q&A with Malu Dybuncio on Managing in Times of Crisis
  1. Q&A with Goldilocks New Business Director Pinky Yee on Compelling Value Proposition
  1. Q&A with 7-Eleven President Victor Paterno on Supply Chain Excellence
  1. Q&A with Cebu Pacific Air’s President Lance Gokongwei on the Airline Industry

I have been given feedback that some of my questions were hard to answer and needed some time for reflection.  I thank all my interview respondents — the thought leaders of the industry, not just for making themselves available but also for their selflessness and honesty to share lessons existing and future marketers can learn from.

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