Q&A with Multisys CEO David Almirol Jr. on Strategy

David Almirol Jr. is the Founder and CEO of software engineering solutions provider Multisys Technologies Corporation. It was founded in 2010, and in 2018 PLDT, through PLDT Global Investments Holdings Inc., acquired a 45.73% stake for P2.15 billion. David was bestowed one of The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) awards of the Philippines in 2020. In this interview, he shares his views about strategy and resilience in challenging times.

Q1: What has made Multisys so successful so far?

A1: So far, what made Multisys successful somehow is because of its impactful developed agnostic platforms and game-changing solutions.

Q2: Which comes first in consideration, the software itself, or the clients who need the software?

A2: We consider or focus on the software first – but predictively making sure that clients will need it now or later.

Q3: What was your first big break in Multisys that gave you momentum? How did you get this big break?

A3: Our first big break was when PLDT invested to Multisys, they amplified our strengths and they guided us patiently to align our directions. I guess, they saw our burning passion and our ready solutions aligned to their vision of helping more Filipinos through technology and innovation.

Q4: Your first business, a computer business in Isabela, failed and you lost all your investments saved from being an overseas Filipino worker (OFW). You also lost your family’s house thrice, but continued and eventually recovered and thrived after. What key lessons did you learn from these experiences that you were able to apply in Multisys and your subsequent businesses?

A4: I learned so much from failures. I considered them my ‘natural mentors’. I learned also to surround myself with good people, people that look at your strengths not on your weaknesses. I also learned to surround myself with good partners, partners that holds your hand through thick or thin, and aim to help each other and grow together as friends and business partners.

Q5: You like to use the analogy of playing chess (example: sicilian defense – dragon variation) to explain your moves. What is it about chess strategy that you would like to share with our readers?

A5: Chess strategies are quite hard to explain because there are so many variations. So many openings, middle games and end games. Sometimes we lose sometimes we win – even chess grandmasters experienced loses. So it’s okay to lose sometimes, but we should learn from those loses. There are patterns and rules to win the game. It’s about knowing your pieces, appreciate their strengths whether they just a pawn, a rook or a horse. You cannot win even if you are the king, we need all of the pieces to move accordingly. Teamwork. Patience. Sacrifice.

Q6: What achievement are you proudest of in Multisys, and why?

A6: I am so proud of the whole Multisys family, it’s not an easy achievement. A lot of rocky roads at start, but we walked together. We failed so many times, but we rised up together. We will continue to hold hands and dream for this family to achieve more by bringing more innovation and promote Filipino ingenuity in the global arena. This dream alone, made me humbled but proudest.

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