Q&A with Agrinurture CEO Tony Tiu on Marketing Vegetarian Meal

Publicly-listed Agrinurture Founder Antonio Tiu is launching plant-based meat substitute products in 2020. Mr. Tiu is a former adjunct faculty member of the De La Salle University, a recipient of EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 and the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the Philippines in 2011. In this interview, he shares with us the importance of eating the right kind of food.

Q1: You became a vegetarian since your father died of cancer two decades ago when it was still not fashionable to be a vegetarian. What are the benefits of being a vegetarian?

A1: Spiritually – attracting positive energy brings more happiness.   I do not agree that we should establish our dietary needs or worst just plain sensual pleasure on the suffering of animals.

Physically  – the faster digestion and better blood circulation improves concentration and allows me to work longer hours; choice of a healthier lifestyle also slows down aging.

Q2: Real men eat meat was a campaign that linked masculinity and strength to eating meat. You want to make agriculture and agri products sexy, can you share with us the common misconceptions about being vegetarians that need to be corrected?

A2: If you notice there is only “horse power” and no “tiger power”.  There is no truth that not eating meat makes one feel weak.

Real men should aim for long range sustainability and not just short term strength.

Vegetarian is not just sustainable power for the body and spirit, it is likewise eco-friendly for environment due to lower carbon footprint.

Q3: In the Netflix show The Game Changers, they showed improvement of the blood test after 7 days of plant-based meals of their subjects. They also tested that American men consuming plant-based meals have better masculine endurance because of this diet – – erection is stronger by 8-13% and the time increases to 300% when in deep sleep. Can you share if you have something similar in the Philippines?

A3: I am not a doctor but since vegetarian diet improves blood circulation, it should help.

Q4: Keto diet (high fat) is not for everyone. Would you say vegetarian is for everyone as there are also nutritionists against full vegetarian and vegan meals?

A4: Vegetarian is for everyone but certain plant-based fats should be part of the vegetarian diet to complete dietary requirements.  

Q5: What will you call your new soy-based meal? What is the price range and your intended distribution strategy?

A5: “Fit bites by big chill” will aim to reach up to lower income segment of the society by offering competitive prices as compared with meat products.  We want to make the “game changer” affordable and accessible to everyone.

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