Marketing Rescue: Conversations and Courage for Inspiration

In one of my previous blog entries Mindset and Mastery: Why Most Negosyos Fail, I discussed how many business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs struggle with identifying the real reasons they continue to face challenges when running their business. All too often, they focus on addressing the symptoms of their problems and not the true root cause of their issues.

But if we paint all entrepreneurs with broad strokes and assume the roots of their problems are the same, that breeds the bad habit of simply lecturing at them: continuously saying do’s and don’ts without considering how exactly to empower these entrepreneurs to take control of their own growth and trajectory.

That’s why we held the Mansmith Marketing Rescue advocacy in partnership with Go Negosyo and the Young Market Master Awards. Over 100 SMEs were given the opportunity for dialogue and mentorship with YMMA awardees and Mansmith senior consultants.

What approach did we take?

  1. Conversation. By giving them the opportunity for dialogue and mentorship with experienced professionals to pinpoint their needs.
  2. Clarity. Dialogue with these professionals helped lead them to understand their businesses’ strengths and weaknesses even better.
  3. Courage. The mentees were able to build up self-confidence and assurance to tackle the business challenges they face.

Other than the individual issues each mentee brought with them, we found that many of these SMEs could definitely be aided by Go Negosyo through addressing the value chain and reconfiguration building blocks of their business models. Mentors gave participants more ideas and provided additional insights they had due to their industry experience and expertise, meaning participants in the Marketing Rescue came away not only with motivation to improve, but also inspiration on how they can become innovators themselves.

As I always say: what is innovation? It is when one can:

  • See things differently.
  • Do things differently.
  • Think differently.

It’s with this same approach that we at Mansmith continue to invest in business education by holding events, partnering with organizations for new initiatives, and giving recognition to those with tremendous potential in the business community. 

To continue learning from business experts, visit our community for SMEs at 

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