Hugo Boss x Josiah Go x Tricia Gosingtian

A dream come true!

When I was asked by the marketer of German-brand Hugo Boss if I would be open to be styled by them, I was intimidated at first because I have never been a fashion-conscious person. But my feelings turned to excitement when I learned that the stylist will be no other than my daughter, life+style+travel blogger Tricia Gosingtian.

Some of you know she is not just my only daughter, I have also been her business adviser (manager) since 2011 helping her clarify her brand DNA (and that of her blog), dealing with prospects inquiring about her services, sending her must-read articles, recommending policies, marketing strategies and business model to attain her business as well as personal growth goals.

I welcome the business relationship, which has enhanced our father-daughter relationship and we have had more bonding occasions since. I guess it’s always different to have a ‘manager’ who truly cares for his ‘talent’ without any monetary interest.

During the Hugo Boss styling event, I saw the possibilities beyond my usual conservative fashion sense. I have never looked better and felt more confident, as well as comfortable.

You can find my Hugo Boss styling experience and photos at

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