Companies often think offering massive discounts, like 50% off or more, is a smart way to attract customers. It might bring in a lot of sales initially, but let’s take a closer look. The people it draws in the most are bargain hunters – those who love a good deal but might not stick around to buy at regular prices. […]

Market leader Cebu Pacific Air is not only known for having low fare services, but also very agile with their marketing communications and sales promotions. VP Marketing Candice Alabanza-Iyog selflessly shares her insights on how they do a campaign internally. Q1: When Leonardo de Caprio won his first Oscar, Cebu Pacific Air immediately launched a promo free trip to Guam […]

In this article, I will answer some key questions surrounding doctors using or intending to use the MLM compensation scheme to recruit other doctors as prescribers of critical illness medicines, such as those for cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetes. These are: Let me start with an introduction about the findings from ProPublica, a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. […]

Subtraction Effect The subtraction effect is a phenomenon where people perceive the removal of a feature or option as having a more significant impact than its addition. For example, consider fast food chains that used to provide sauce for their chicken but saw a drop in customer satisfaction ratings when they started charging for extra sauce. As a result, they […]

In an exciting development for the sales community, Mansmith and Fielders proudly present the first set of winners of the Mansmith Sales Masters Awards. This highly anticipated recognition aims to celebrate excellence among sales professionals, marking an unprecedented milestone in the industry. The carefully selected honorees represent a diverse range of industries and have demonstrated outstanding performance in various aspects […]

Shark fin soup may exude an air of luxury and prestige, often gracing the tables of traditional events such as weddings and banquets. However, a darker reality shrouds the acquisition of shark fins, giving rise to ethical and environmental concerns. Sharks are frequently captured, subjected to the cruel removal of their fins while still alive, and callously tossed back into […]

AJ Astoriano holds the position of Senior Regional Manager for Salesforce Effectiveness in Asia at Zuellig Pharma, a prominent healthcare services provider offering a comprehensive suite of services encompassing distribution, sales, marketing, and healthcare solutions. AJ Astoriano was a featured speaker at the Mansmith Sales Summit, and her insightful session can be revisited on the event’s replay at She […]

In a previous article, I delved into the Battle of the Bargains and its far-reaching effects on brands and marketers. This time, I’m back with more insights. It’s time to realize that bargains aren’t always the win-win situation they appear to be. Unscrupulous sellers can damage consumer trust, leading to buyer dissatisfaction and regret. This not only tarnishes the seller’s reputation but […]

Jimmy Thai is the CEO of the Primer Group of Companies. Embarking on his path with a modest buy-and-sell enterprise in 1985, Primer has since evolved into a powerhouse, boasting a portfolio of 150 premium consumer and travel brands spanning diverse sectors like outdoor, travel, footwear, fashion, action sports, wellness, and urban lifestyle. Included in their repertoire are notable brands […]

In one of my recent mentoring sessions hosted by the Day 8 Business Academy Foundation last September, the owner of an 11-store laundry chain faced a pricing challenge and asked for my advice. They are considered pioneers in their market and charge P145 for a load of laundry, while newer competitors nearby charge only P100-P120 per load, with prices going […]

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