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Young Social Entrepreneur Start-Up (YSESU) by Josiah Go

Want to be an entrepreneur with your good idea but lacking the resources? YSESU may be the answer! Gosingtian Ventures Inc. (angel investor) and Day 8 Business Academy Inc. (training for MSMEs) have teamed up to help aspiring entrepreneurs succeed.

If you have:

  • a dream to be entrepreneur
  • a humble family background
  • a defined social or consumer problem
  • a novel solution to solve above problem
  • a desire to contribute to social good
  • a commitment to run your own company

YSESU offers as many as 7Ms:

  • Money
  • Majority ownership
  • Mentorship
  • Material assistance
  • Mindset
  • Multiple linkage
  • Meaning

YSESU can help create Double Impact via:

  • To the recipient – funding a business where banks will not finance
  • To the customers – solving a problem of emerging customers

Here are qualifications:

  • Each group must have 3-4 people: a concept starter, an execution expert, a finance person, and another focusing on social impact.

The 4 stages of YSESU are: 

  • Stage 1 (Proposal stage): Submit a proposal to and indicating the ff:
    • problem being solved,
    • novel solution being provided,
    • amount of base funding needed, and
    • brief background of each member
  • Stage 2 (Semi-Finals): Chosen semi-finalists will be given various free training to refine their concept.
  • Stage 3 (Finals): Finalists will be chosen on the basis of feasibility (cost & margin, executable, financial viability) as well as social impact.
  • Stage 4 (Funding): Winners will be offered convertible notes funding to start operating their business.
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Record-breaking, bestselling author Josiah Go is the Chairman of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc. (the leading marketing and sales training company in the Philippines), and Chairman of Waters Philippines (the market leader in the direct selling of premium home water purifiers in the Philippines). He is Chairman / Vice Chairman / Director of over a dozen companies.

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