Sans Fin Soup Contest

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Interested to offer a compelling alternative to shark fin soup? Join this contest if you are a chef

Organizer: Chinovation for Social Change Foundation Inc
Sponsored: Chinoy TV, Gosingtian Forum

Search for the best new alternative to shakrsfin soup

1) To come up with an alternative soup to the shark fin soup.
2) To educate restaurants and customers about the cruelty of shark finning and to promote the conservation of endangered shark species in the world.
3) To encourage the restaurants and customers to opt for delicious and nutritious alternatives to shark fin soup.

Coverage: Competition among Chefs from different hotels and Chinese restaurants in the Philippines.

Entry Duration: Feb 26, 2017 to June 15, 2017

1. To Champion:
1. P50,000 cash
2. Trophy
3. Title as Champion

2. To Runner Up
1st Runner Up – P30,000
2nd Runner Up – P20,000

1. Contestants must be at least 18 years old, legally residing in the Philippines
2. Contestants must represent an existing Chinese restaurant or establishment
3. Each contestant must appear in person. No proxy will be allowed.

General Rules and Guidelines
1. The recipes must be shark free / shark fin free, use environmentally sustainable ingredients.
2. The soup must be new and not commercially available yet
3. The contestants are allowed to develop their recipe entries prior to the competition
4. All final recipes with cost of each ingredient per dish must be submitted to Chinovation for Social Change ( by June15, 2017 to ensure environmental-friendly ingredients.

1. Contestants will bring their own:
• cooking utensils
• raw ingredients based on the submitted recipe (no changes will be made)

2. All cooking preparations must be done within the specified period of the competition. Only washing & peeling of ingredients are allowed before the competition proper.

3. All ingredients should be placed in clean and clear microwave containers with labels.

4. Organizers will provide:
• Kitchen Equipment
o Electric stove
o Sauce pot
o Sauté pan
• Kitchen utensils
o Set of knives
o Chopping board
o Ladle/turner/spatula/spaghetti fork
o Tongs
• Four (4) White plates – for judging and for display

5. Fruits and vegetables can be used as garnishing for any of the culinary categories.

6. Marinating of any food to be used during the competition should be pre-approved.

Competition day
1. Each participant will be given a total of sixty (60) minutes to complete their dish, broken down into the following segments:
60 minutes Mise en place – ingredients and materials preparation
Cooking of actual recipes

2. All preparation and cooking of dishes including garnishes must be entirely made and crafted on-the-spot. Bringing any cooked item is not allowed.

3. Contestants are to prepare two plates for each soup. One for display and one for judging.

4. The kitchen area is off-limits to all except for the judges and committee members during the competition proper. Coaching is prohibited.

5. Total time allotment is (60) minutes. Going beyond the allotted time would disqualify an entry

6. No other gadgets are allowed during the cooking competition (mobile phones, tablets, radio).

8. Bringing of own kitchen appliance should be pre-approved.

9. Transportation to the competition site is at the contestant’s own expense.

1. Each participant will have one (1) recipe entries. All dishes will be judged using the same criteria.

Judging (per dish)
A. Criteria
1. Taste (40%) – Quality, doneness of ingredients & blend of flavors.
2. Effectiveness as a real Nutritious Alternative to Shark Fin Soup (40%) – Whether it satisfies the need (Nutrition/Culture/Habit/Affluence) being provided by Shark Fin Soup
3. Culinary Technique and Creativity (10%) – Refers to the correct practice of basic cooking methods and creative application of culinary skills and techniques.
4. Dish Preparation (10%)
o Mise-en-place – The orderly preparation of materials and tools as well as the utilization of resources.
o Safety and sanitation – This refers to the proper handling and preparation of food and handler’s personal hygiene. This also refers to maintaining a clean and orderly working station and neat kitchen uniform during and after the competition.
o Recipe logic and composition – This pertains to the systematic structure and balanced content of the recipe and the adherence to its format based on the actual preparation and cooking.

Note: In case of a tie, the score received for Criterion 1 (taste) will be used to break the tie. If a tie still exists, the score received for Criterion 2 (effective) will be used to break the tie.

B. The decision of the judges is final and binding.

C. Organizers reserves the right to replace any of the judges at any time without prior notice.

Other Terms and Conditions:

1. By participating in this competition, the participants agree that any of their data, including names, surnames, photos and video images can be used and published by Organizer and its sponsors for advertising purposes and promotional activities without need of additional consent from them or any consideration.
2. By submitting the recipes, the participants hereby agree that their individual recipes become the property of the Organizer, and Organizer reserves the right to edit, adapt, copyright, publish, transfer and use any or all of them, without any need of prior approval from the participants and free from any costs.
3. In the event of a dispute regarding these rules, conduct, results and all other matters relating to the SANS FIN SOUP CONTEST, the decision of the judges chosen by Organizer shall be final and non-appealable, and no correspondence or discussion will be entertained.
4. Organizer will not be responsible for any loss that the participant or a third party or any person suffers as a result. Participants cannot use the name of Organizer or publish any material used in SANS FIN SOUP CONTEST unless the same is with the written permission of Organizer.
5. The Organizer, its directors, officers and employees shall not be responsible in respect to technical or operational failure relating to the SANS FIN SOUP CONTEST, including without any limitation, for any error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communication line failure, delay in delivery or non-release of prizes.
6. Organizer reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend or cancel the SANS FIN SOUP CONTEST, without prior notice and without incurring any liability.
7. Organizer holds no responsibility or liability for any third party products or other company products, natural produce or any food item used by any participant in the SANS FIN SOUP CONTEST.
8. The participants understand and agree that they participate in the SANS FIN SOUP CONTEST at their own risk and willingness and have not been coerced in any manner to enter.
9. The participants hereby agree to release, discharge and hold harmless the organizer and its sponsors, its directors, officers and employees and other individuals engaged in the development and execution of this SANS FIN SOUP CONTEST, from any and all liabilities, claims, losses or damages arising out of or in relation to their participation in the SANS FIN SOUP CONTEST or their acceptance, use or misuse or possession of any prize received in the SANS FIN SOUP CONTEST.

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