(Video Credit: WildAid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJG7RaLX-DM) Interested to offer a compelling alternative to shark fin soup? Join this contest if you are a chef SANS FIN SOUP CONTEST Organizer: Chinovation for Social Change Foundation Inc Sponsored: Chinoy TV, Gosingtian Forum Title: SANS FIN SOUP CONTEST Search for the best new alternative to shakrsfin soup Objectives: 1) To come up with an alternative soup […]


I used to drink shark fin soup. But my wife and I stopped going to shark fin restaurants or consuming shark fin soup after we learned what sharks had to go through before a bowl of shark fin soup is served to humans. 8 Reasons Why We Should Say No to Shark Fin Soup: First, shark fins have low nutritional […]

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