Not long ago, I asked my businessmen-friends why they think companies like Philippine Air Lines (PAL) did not create their own low cost carrier (LCC) before the entry of Cebu Pacific Air. Or even Mercury Drug before the entry of The Generics Pharmacy (now TGP). Or banks before the entry of Bayad Center catering initially to the unbanked customers. Was […]

My youngest son Calel Gosingtian had the opportunity to work at a Four Seasons Hotel in Jacksonhole, Wyoming, which is the no. 1 ski resort in North America. Four Seasons Resorts and Residences is the only 5-star, AAA 5-diamond hotel in Jacksonhole. It is a hotel known to choose personality and attitude over experience, and then turning them to into […]

This is continuation of our annual consumer trends and prediction series for 2016 that started early 2016, where we shared some items from a list of 50 consumer trends. The list includes ten themes (How we LIVE, How we WORK, How we LOOK, How we RELATE to OTHERS, How we DRINK & EAT, How we PLAY, How we BUY OR […]

Many people aspire to have personal freedom and financial independence or want to be an entrepreneur but do not have huge capital. The route is typically via trading (buy and sell), opening a small neighborhood store or eatery, getting a franchise kiosk, or becoming a multi-level marketing (MLM) distributor. MLM, also known as network marketing, is a modern direct sales […]

HOW WE RELATE TO OTHERS In our first trends article of 2016, we shared our first prediction on how we relate to others – Renewed Patriotism, where the mainstream and social media have played roles in awakening the Filipinos’ sense of history via the hashtag #ItsmorefuninthePhilippines and the movies Bonifacio and Heneral Luna. Below is the complete list of how […]

Vitarich was supplying dressed chicken to the fast food industry when they launched Texas Chicken Restaurant. The latter has since closed in the Philippines. Lamoiyan owner Cecilio Pedro’s previous company was a supplier of aluminum toothpaste tube to the likes of Unilever and Colgate when Happee Toothpaste was eventually launched at a much lower price point. Mega Sardines was launched […]

I am a late bloomer but I do my best to fulfill what’s in my bucket list. Swimming: I learned how to swim at age 33. Mom was over protective when I was a teenager and she kept warning me I might drown. I love her very much but in a way, she was my dream stealer of my ability […]

I fly to Indonesia every month to visit my office (PT Noah Health Indonesia) and have not found time to explore other places which are more “instagrammable” than the busy streets of Jakarta. As fate would have it, I made a mistake in arranging my business flight schedule and timed it on a no work Monday because of Eid al-Adha […]

Market leaders usually have a lot more sources of strengths than their competitors, and therefore, new entrants must avoid a direct assault on the market leader. Instead of enticing consumers to switch brands, they can instead be convinced to buy, based on communicating the merit of their new offer. Here are seven (7) steps on how companies can grow without […]

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