How can marketers, business owners and executives consciously work on improving their decision making skills? How can they see a situation more objectively and anticipate probable (and even unthinkable) scenarios?  Here is a list that affects perspective and corresponding suggestions on how to address these blind spots. They are not mutually exclusive, and can interact and/or merge to cloud one’s […]

Premortem is a pre-event or pre-launch meeting where members articulate and anticipate anything that may cause an initiative to fail. The technique is a decision making tool developed by Dr. Gary Klein that was intended to improve a plan by removing overconfidence and reducing errors.  In anticipating problems and worst case scenarios, the company can prevent financial and/or reputation risk […]

“Josiah Go’s ‘Marketing Strategy and Plans’ is the longest-running marketing strategy seminar in the Philippines. On its 107th batch, it was totally reinvented with ALL NEW cases and a new title ‘Right to Win, Play to Win: The Best of Marketing Decision Making’. The Right to Win, Play to Win quadrant can help marketers, strategists, business owners and executives determine […]

Daniel Kahneman is an expert in human judgment and decision making. He won the 2002 Nobel Prize for challenging the assumption of human rationality prevailing in modern economic theory. I had the privilege of attending the World Business Forum by the World of Business Ideas (WOBI) in New York last November 14, 2018 and would like to share 15 lessons […]

Cheri Moran serves as the Vice President of Sales at Universal Robina Corporation (URC), making her the first female to hold this position. Previously, she made history as the first female Sales Director at Coca-Cola Philippines, breaking barriers in a male-dominated industry. Moran has been honored as part of the inaugural batch of winners of the Mansmith Sales Masters Awards, […]

What is Sensemaking? Sensemaking, a concept popularized by organizational theorist Karl Weick, entails making sense of the world around us. My interest in this concept grew significantly after engaging with various individuals, including CEOs, and noting the clarity and thoughtfulness evident in their responses. It wasn’t just about having the right answers; they also knew how to use the information […]

The presidential elections of May 9, 2022 is near. Many things have been featured about the candidates, though perhaps only a few using the dynamics of the decision making process of voters as consumers of a political exercise.  Below is a sequence of tests for political players to consider.  1. The Name Recall Test: Brand awareness is a minimum requirement. Hence, celebrities, celebrity-like social […]


George Siy is Chairman Emeritus of Anvil Business Club, an organization composed of next generation Filipino-Chinese businessmen in the Philippines. He is also President of Convergence Realty & Development Corporation, Marie France Philippines, among other businesses. He shares his insights about making deals with Chinese entrepreneurs. Q1: What are Chinese businessmen in the Philippines like? Are there different segments of […]

Q1: You graduated from West Point and is a co-alumni of former Philippine president Fidel Ramos.  What pieces of advice, experiences or lessons has he shared with you and other fellow West Pointers about government service? FVR Knows How To Manage People, Whether His Peer Or Subordinate. He Is A Great Motivator Who Understands How To Balance Interests. What I […]

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