Top 10 Q&A of 2023 

Thank you for making 2023 remarkable! Here are our top 10 interviews based on number of readers. Your engagement is the heartbeat of our blog. Cheers to more shared insights in the coming year!

1. Q&A with Airspeed Chair Rosemarie Rafael on Resiliency

2. Q&A with Fly Ace SVP Bart Canon on Commercial Planning

3. Q&A with Kantar CEO Gary de Ocampo on Reflections of a Researcher

4. Q&A with Globe CCO Issa Cabrera on Innovation

5. Q&A with Ampy Rio and Albet Buddahim on Hiring Fresh Graduates for Brand Marketing Work

6. Q&A with Jollibee’s Dorothy Dee-Ching on Spotting Marketing Talent

7. Q&A with URC MD Oscar Villamora on Managing Managers

8. Q&A with COL Financial Chairman Edward Lee in Stockbrokerage Innovation

9. Q&A with Kimstore Founder Kim Lato 

10. Q&A with CARD MRI Chairman on Micro Finance Innovation

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