Bringing MSME Marketing Ideas to Life with AniMattify

Last December 1 for Mansmith and Fielders’ 30th anniversary, I launched my new Business Model Course through Mansmith’s digital platform, Continuum Academy, a deep dive into the Mansmith Business Model Map framework organized into a full 55-video course complete with collaborative lessons and interviews from successful Filipino companies. As part of this anniversary celebration, those who availed of the course were granted complementary attendance to another new event: the first Business Model Conference for Key Decision-Makers on January 19 and 20, 2021. 

As part of our advocacy to make business education more accessible, I decided to collaborate with AniMattify as our official Video Partner for the event, premiering a mini mentoring session wrapped up in a 4-minute video that anyone can see (for free) below.

AniMattify was instrumental in bringing my vision for this Mansmith Business Model Map explainer to life. Its founder, Matt Queblatin, shares my passion in supporting MSMEs — with his experience in producing, directing, and animating over 450 videos for some of the biggest clients, he understands how great content is essential to effective marketing. 

I would like to give you a glimpse into our working process by showing you a side-by-side comparison of the storyboard he devised according to a script we supplied him, contrasted with the final product.

AniMattify’s work is an example of how smooth, collaborative processes bring great results, and how this can be accessible to small and medium businesses at more affordable costs without compromising quality. Matt says that since high school, he wanted to become a business owner to create more jobs, as he knows it’s a way to help people make their livelihoods. 

Starting this business at 24 years old, he experienced an entrepreneur’s struggles firsthand, which led him to his purpose: he wanted to help MSME businesses grow and reach their potential with his MSME Love Program, providing high quality services at lower rates. With more accessible online channels like social media opening new ways to market on a budget, Matt wants to provide commercial-like quality to their promotional ads on these channels.

They currently offer the following services:

–        Logo Animation

–        GIFs/Stickers for Facebook and Instagram

–        Promotional Ads

–        Explainer Videos

–        Print to Animation Conversion

He also hopes that in doing so, he not only uplifts local businesses but also the local animation industry as well, which is filled with skill and talent capable of achieving global fame. 

I admire Matt and his work ethic, and how his love for his animation craft led him to creating an all new business for his own goals, which match mine.  If you are interested in his work, feel free to visit his website at!

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