Advocacy-based Mansmith and Fielders Inc. named the  13 winners for the 18th Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards (YMMA) 2023.  The Mansmith YMMA is the most sought-after recognition for young marketers and entrepreneurs, 35 years old and below, and the only marketing award in the country with no entry fees.  These awardees are being recognized for their outstanding and innovative accomplishments in […]

Carlo Endaya is the Vice President and General Manager for the Domestic Tuna Business of Century Pacific, more popularly known for their Century Tuna products. He won the Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards (YMMA) in 2009. In this interview, he shares his passion for marketing and sustainability.  Q1: What is the most pressing sustainability challenge facing the Tuna industry today, […]

Kristine Venturina is the Director for Shopper Marketing and Insighting of Unilab. She was a recipient of the Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards (YMMA) in 2015. Here, she shares her experience in shopper marketing.  Q1: What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a shopper marketer, and how have you overcome them? A1: In shopper marketing like in […]

I am thrilled to recount the success of the recently concluded 14th Mansmith Market Masters Conference (MMC) last May 17, 2023 in SMX Manila. Based on feedback, the event surpassed all expectations, leaving attendees enlightened and even wanting for more. This year’s MMC delivered four engaging sessions featuring a carefully curated panel of luminaries from the realms of marketing, entrepreneurship, […]

Dorothy Dee-Ching is Jollibee Philippines’ Head of Marketing. She won the Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards (YMMA) in 2016. She shares her insights about spotting marketing talent in this interview.  Q1: In your decades of handling managerial talents, especially in marketing, how do you know you have chosen the right marketing talent?  Are there traits you watch out for at […]

Even before PURPOSE claimed its own space in the growth equation of companies, Mansmith and Fielders had  already owned a unique positioning in the training industry.  Mansmith is not just a training and consulting firm with a specialized focus on marketing, sales, and innovation, it is the only company in its field driven by advocacy. This transition happened in 2004 […]

Helping entrepreneurs with their marketing challenges has been both a rewarding and enlightening experience for mentors and consultants. It is humbling to be privy to many personal and professional obstacles encountered by entrepreneurs, most of which I had personally experienced when I was starting and growing my own business.  I try to find as much time to engage with as many people […]

On its 5th year, the Mansmith Market Masters Awards (MMMA) once again honors outstanding senior marketing executives who mentored members of their teams toward both professional and personal excellence. Because of their mentorship,  their mentees had become the recipients of the Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards (YMMA), which is the first and only recognition program for marketers and entrepreneurs 35 years […]

In 2022, the most read articles (according to the  number of readers) in my blog reveal interest in diverse themes.  Choice topics cover both current events such as the election campaign in the first quarter of the year, as well as recurring marketing concerns on pricing and customer satisfaction.   I also observed how over the years, most readers want to refresh […]

I get the most number of new ideas by attending learning events organized by reputable organizers with track records of delivering quality content. By simply listening to different perspectives of speakers or panelists who have been-there, done-that, I get inspired with their possibility thinking.  I build on their ideas, connect a missing piece of a puzzle, or get triggered with […]

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