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Can Doctors Be Patient-Centric? by Josiah Go

Medical doctors play an important role in one’s health and well being, providing solutions to discomfort or illnesses felt by patients. Many times, however, people not feeling well postpone a...
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Book Launch Invite: Nov 24, 2017 (Friday), 7pm, National Book Store Glorietta 1 (near Holiday Inn) By Josiah Go

Introduction: By now, my friends would know that education is an advocacy and a passion closest to my heart, the reason why I keep attending international conferences as well as...
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Learning From Other Industries by Josiah Go

Could service in an airlines’ economy class be far better than those in business class of other airlines—where pilots and flight personnel are so caring they operate as one solid...
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Blog or Instagram?

Social media marketing is a part of digital marketing, where more and more marketing budgets are being shifted from traditional tri-media (TV/radio/print) to its advantage. In fact, some major advertisers...
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Revisiting 60 Trends in the Philippines by Josiah Go and Chiqui Escareal-Go

It’s marketing plan season once again and it is good to remind marketers that contrary to popular belief, when consumers make a buying choice, they do not decide based on...
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5 Skills For CMOs (& Business Leaders) by Josiah Go

While finishing the book ‘The Rainmakers: Marketing and Strategy Lessons From 25 Top CEOs’ (a certified bestseller: No. 1 Marketing Book for July 2017), I was able to spend time...
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Waters Philippines wins CMO Asia Award for Customer Satisfaction Leadership by Josiah Go

Singapore – Waters Philippines has been bestowed the Customer Satisfaction Leadership Award by CMO Asia’s Water Leadership Award ceremony at the Le Meredian Hotel in Singapore on August 2, 2017....
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911 Advocacy Campaign for Marawi by Josiah Go

(Original post: July 14, 2017 Updated post: Aug 23, 2017) Marawi Conflict: Imagine yourself leaving everything behind as you flee your house– deafening gunshots rattle you as you frantically try...
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6 Tips to Innovation Culture by Josiah Go

Innovation is about having a new way of doing things with commercial success. It targets to satisfy, in a novel way, pain points of customers or non-customers. Many companies like...
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The Personal Branding of Leni Robredo by Josiah Go

Leni Robredo is the duly elected vice president of the Philippines. She won over her closest rival, Senator Bong Bong Marcos, with a slim gain of less than one percent...
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