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6 Questions Every Marketer Must Ask by Josiah Go

There are 6 questions every marketer must ask, and I will tell you that and if you cannot answer any 1 of these questions, you are at risk. Question #...
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In Memoriam, the Edwin Totanes I knew by Josiah Go

It has been almost three months since marketing legend Edwin Totanes or fondly, ET to his colleagues returned to his Creator on November 22, 2018 (Thursday) at age 61. It...
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21 Trends in the Field of Marketing by Josiah Go

I asked the senior marketing consultants of Mansmith and Fielders Inc. to share some key trends happening in their fields. I am providing a condensed list of their inputs below....
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Call for Adopt-a-Marketing-Teacher Program by Josiah Go

I have been teaching marketing and innovation for many years now, and I can say that it has been a source of pride and joy for me to watch those...
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Decoding The 5 Growth Strategies of Henry Sy by Josiah Go

Henry Sy, SM and the Philippines:  I wrote about SM and Henry Sy in my books (Principles and Practices in Marketing in the Philippine Setting, and Entrepreneurship: Starting an Enterprise,...
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JCI Manila’s DOJO Project: The Jeremiah Fund by Josiah Go

JCI Manila: I have been wanting to do a significant project with JCI Manila ever since I won the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the Philippines in 2001, and...
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The Strategist Behind The Strategy: A Study of Benjamin Yao of SteelAsia.

Benjamin Yao is Chairman and CEO of SteelAsia, the flagship steel company of the Philippines. SteelAsia manufactures nearly one out of every two steel bars installed in construction, and supplies...
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5 Behavioral Lessons I Learned From Robert Cialdini by Josiah Go

I attended the Ideas42 Behavioral Summit in New York last October 2018 which featured the who’s who in behavioral science and economics. The first session featured Daniel Pink, bestselling author...
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Nurturing Entrepreneurial Spirit by Josiah Go

I often get asked “how do we nurture entrepreneurial spirit among employees” during my Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. I will answer by sharing what we do in Waters Philippines and Mansmith and...
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Top 10 Q&A in 2018 by Josiah Go

Happy New Year. I am honored to have Q&As with leaders of different industries. They made time and unselfishly gave their insights in order for others to benefit from the...
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