Thank God For A Blessed Life


Author’s note: I wanted to honor God on my 500th blog entry so here is a reflection on the story of my life and what He had made me into.

My grandfather criticized me for always being speechless. You transformed me as the most awarded business educator-speaker in the Philippines!

My high school teacher undermined me and thought that La Salle will be too hard for a C student like me. You made me graduate second honor with the most outstanding leader award to boot!

My high school dean once detained me for being a rule breaker. You made me an expert in the fusion of marketing and innovation! (My high school dean even hired the fishball vendor to cut my “long hair”. You made me the graduation keynote speaker of the school four decades later!)

My academic adviser told me that I failed my English grammar in the college entrance exam. You made me a record-breaking, bestselling author of 18 marketing books!

My elder brother complained that I was too self-centered as a teenager. You made me learn to lovingly care for my immediate and extended family members!

My mother complained I studied too little and easily get bored as a student. You made me a lifelong learner always curious, searching for new ideas worldwide.

My colleagues complained that there is nothing new in marketing. You made me teach advanced marketing while introducing new frameworks and opportunities that people can better appreciate!

My father complained to my brother that I was not making as much money in my new business then. You enabled me to earn much more than what even my next generation needs via reinventing business models!

My wife complained that I was not drinking enough water. You created for me the leading home water purifier business in the Philippines!

My staff complained that there is no more space to display my trophies and plaques. You made me launch the Mansmith YMMA and other advocacy projects to benefit others!

My perception of myself then was a hopeless case in the darkest hour. You restored me with your unconditional love and assured salvation!

P.S. To my family, friends and loved ones, please keep on blessing me with your feedback. As I have been a testament of God’s faithfulness and transformational power, I will continue paying it forward through my mentoring mission.

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  1. Congratulations sir and you’re indeed an inspiration and a surprise blessing from The Almighty above as you allow & humble yourself to be His instrument in the field you’re called for to serve!!!

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