Entrepreneurship in the New Normal: Growing from Failures


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9 videos and 13 reflection exercises

Most entrepreneurs are suffering because of Covid and the ECQ. The lack of revenues but ongoing costs will force them to make choices before cash run dry. I have created an online seminar to help entrepreneurs make deliberate choices, not impulsive ones.

The content of this seminar is based on my own successful recovery stories during different crises (my company grew during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and the 2008 World Financial Crisis), mentoring thousands of entrepreneurs since the mid 2000s, among other sources. I did a deep dive comparing successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs, the results are presented as frameworks to easily allow participants to evaluate and learn from what went right and what went wrong.

My intent is to help entrepreneurs in their sense-making during high-stress times and lessen their uncertainty. I invite all entrepreneurs to spend two hours of their chosen time to learn in their own time at their own space.

Below is the full course outline that I have developed. Enrollment is now open via www.continuum-edu.com.

Entrepreneurship in the New Normal: Growing from Failures

By Josiah Go

Benefit to the Participants

  • Identify what went right versus what went wrong in their business (Hint: Can’t blame all to Covid)
  • How to recover from a crisis
  • Options before quitting entrepreneurship (Hint: Entails humility)

Key Topics to cover:

  • My personal entrepreneurial journey
    • 13 things you will also experience
    • 5 different economic slowdown years I witnessed since 1983 (and why I almost always did well during economic slowdown years)
    • Secret sauce: My 16 recovery strategies in 4 clusters
    • My recovery regrets then
    • My business continuity now
    • Reflections on other times I did not do wellSome nights are better than others: How to
    • handle them
  • Understanding The 4 Gates of Entrepreneurship (and why entrepreneurs should know the 4th gate before deciding to close their business!)
    • From 4 gates to 12M’s
    • Evaluate your performance as an entrepreneur
    • 4 KRAs of entrepreneurs
    • 7 competencies of entrepreneurs
    • 4 ideal leadership values of entrepreneurs
    • 4 capacities of entrepreneurs
    • 4 areas of negligence of entrepreneurs
    • 3 x 4 Matrix to Evaluate Your Strengths and Weaknesses as an Entrepreneur
  • Preparation
    • 4 tasks of an entrepreneur
    • How to make money and what does it take
    • What is your funding strategy?
      • 10 cash flow options before quitting
    • Mentoring
      • Benefits of great partners
      • 4 types of mentors
    • Business model
      • The pivoting of an ice cream business model
      • The pivoting of a reward automation business model
      • The law of double jeopardy
    • Do you have the right to win?
      • PESTLE trends during and after Covid
  • Marketing
    • Having an innovative mindset
    • Mansmith Innovation on demand
    • Market-Driving Strategy
      • Automation innovation case
      • Food innovation case
    • How to write a positioning statement
    • Warning: There is NO direct link between marketing mix and buyer’s decision!
  • Execution
    • A peak at value chain
    • Apparel company case
    • The forest and the tree
    • 3 things you need to acquire as management skills
  • Self-Leadership
    • My 5 failures (and it’s a partial list)
    • Why you need to recover
    • 5 ways to moving forward
    • Emergency response is not the same as business continuity planning
    • An ingredient we discovered about resilience
    • 5 skills of master strategists

Course Investment

  • P5,000 per head
    • Covid affected companies pay P1688 per headSpecial Heal-as-One offer P168 until May 31, 2020, no conditions (less 97%)

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  1. i would like to avail 2 sets of p168 promo. one for me and one for my daughter. thank you very much for the discount sir.

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