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Q&A with Manuel Wong, President and General Manager of Acer Philippines on Computer Industry

Q&A with Manuel Wong, President and General Manager of Acer Philippines on Computer Industry

Q1: Acer is among the top 5 PC brands internationally. What made you the leading brand in the PC market in the Philippines?

Acer Philippines thanks its business and industry partners for all the support in making the brand number one in the country today (based on IDC reports). Other success factors include: a strong dedicated team, good products at value for money price and well-accepted sales and marketing activities.

Acer’s winning channel distribution model involves closely working with distributors and resellers (for both commercial and consumer markets) in providing markets with up-to-date Information Technology (IT) products, which includes: notebooks, netbooks, desktops, tablets, smartphones, projectors and monitors.

Acer’s brand promise continues to be empowering customers through hardware, software and services through continued efforts at breaking the barriers between people and technology.

Q2: How can marketers maximize technology to their advantage?

Advancements in products and technology have brought about new and exciting offerings in the marketplace that make life easier, specifically catering to different lifestyles. You can be productive even when mobile with a notebook, netbook, tablet or Smartphone. Then again, you can continue to use the desktop for its powerful performance. Purchasing your desired PC unit will ultimately depend on your (the user’s) needs.

There are users who are more interested in Internet or content consumption and would benefit best from units that are lighter, with a more compact form factor. On the other hand those needing more computing power, a stronger processor for content creation would benefit more from getting a PC unit with higher performance capabilities.

We seek to market particular units for particular markets, giving end-users products that suit or fit their requirements best.

Q3: In Acer, how do you ensure what you plan for will be executed well?

Communication is key. We seek to continuously work as a team towards agreed upon directions. Beyond the corporate planning period, we seek to meet regularly to ensure that we are in sync as we execute project details.

Beyond internal communication and coordination, we seek to involve our partners in meeting corporate goals. Together, they help us achieve our objectives through channel and end-user activities that translate to targeted sales in the end.

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