10-Point Test to Elect the Next President and Vice President By Josiah Go

I blogged an article ‘Repositioning Presidential Candidates‘ which was also published by Inquirer as ‘Unmasking Presidential Candidates’ last March 26, 2016. This is the follow up article.

Some colleagues know that I wrote the 8-Point Test in Spotting Pyramiding Scams, officially adopted by the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines.  I was encouraged to have something similar for the May 9, 2016 election, so below is the 10-point test in English. A Tagalog version is done via AVP for better understanding of a bigger mass market. 

10-Point Test

  1. Does he / she have enough experience to effectively lead the country?
  2. Does he / she treat his fellowmen and even his enemies with honor?
  3. Is he / she and his / her household honest Filipinos?
  4. Does he / she display integrity at all times in word and deed?
  5. Is he / she morally upright?
  6. Does he / she respect human rights?
  7. Can he / she be trustworthy and not be corrupt?
  8. Can he / she be trusted not to have a hidden agenda?
  9. Is he / she healthy and not sickly?
  10. Can he / she be a pride of our country?

I hope you can be guided properly in the forthcoming election. If you don’t agree with one or two, please don’t throw the baby with the bath water.

One thought on “10-Point Test to Elect the Next President and Vice President By Josiah Go

  • […] (I write this article voluntarily for the undecided voters. I have no intent to convert Duterte die-hard fans. Like many of you, Duterte was in my shortlist but pattern I have observed have convinced me to vote for Mar-Leni in the May 9, 2016 election. If you need a basis for electing the next president and vice president, please allow me to share this 10-Point Test https://josiahgo.com/10-point-test-to-elect-the-next-president-and-vice-president-by-josiah-go/) […]

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