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Top 10 Articles in 2018 by Josiah Go

Top 10 Articles in 2018 by Josiah Go

Happy New Year.

My top marketing article in 2018 was a warning about binary-type pyramiding. My top 10 marketing articles (according to the number of readers) are:

1. Beware of Binary-Type Pyramiding

2. Crazy Rich Asians: Decoding the Gambits of Eleanor and Rachel

The Chicken Game Theory of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

3. Lessons From Injap Sia, The Master Strategist

4. Who Would Have Thought? (My first graduation talk to senior high school students)

5. How Supermarkets Can Survive The Online Future

6. The Transforming Role of Brand Managers

7. Best Practices in Creative Thinking and Sensemaking

8. Purpose: The 8th P of Marketing

9. 4 Gates of Entrepreneurship

10. Marketing Lessons From Four Award-Winning Entrepreneurs

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Record-breaking, bestselling author Josiah Go is the Chairman of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc. (the leading marketing and sales training company in the Philippines), and Chairman of Waters Philippines (the market leader in the direct selling of premium home water purifiers in the Philippines). He is Chairman / Vice Chairman / Director of over a dozen companies.

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