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“The author is President of Xavier School Alumni Association, Past President of the Anvil Business Club and Junior Chamber International (JCI) – Manila. He is also President of Times Paints Corporation”

Nov 24, 2017 via Facebook

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” — Simon Sinek

The spectacularly horrendous Manila Friday traffic failed to douse the rousing success of the latest book launch event from the Philippines’ foremost “dynamic duo” of Marketing, Prof. Josiah Go and Ms. Chiqui Escareal-Go, as a sea of professionals, students, practitioners and loyal fans flocked to National Book Store in Glorietta to witness another milestone endeavor.

Truth be told, having arrived quite late (due to Manila’s proverbial gridlock, as usual) does have its perks sometimes: not only did I not have to endure a long queue typical of a Josiah Go launch, I also had the great privilege of having to be personally entertained by the “guru” himself, as he helped me walk through his latest masterpiece.

The “Principles and Practices in Marketing in the Philippine Setting,” – the author’s 15th volume since 1992 – is his first attempt on dedicating basic marketing principles especially suited for K12 (freshman college) students, but written to include neophyte marketers and entrepreneurs as secondary markets. The book also serves as a review of fundamental concepts in marketing for serious marketing practitioners.

Apart from concepts applied in real-world cases, the authors were careful in ensuring these marketing concepts were not applied to business cases alone. “We wanted readers to apply concepts to the most important product: themselves,” effused Professor Joe. “Readers will define their own personal branding, what value proposition they look in a lifetime partner, among others.”

Printed in 7×10 format, the hefty 512 page-tome is a tad larger than their previous series that suggests a bigger, richer compendium of cases that is sure to excite and illuminate marketing aficionados of all ages.

Congratulations to Prof. Josiah and ma’am Chiqui for another landmark endeavor that is sure to take the marketing industry by storm again!

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Record-breaking, bestselling author Josiah Go is the Chairman of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc. (the leading marketing and sales training company in the Philippines), and Chairman of Waters Philippines (the market leader in the direct selling of premium home water purifiers in the Philippines). He is Chairman / Vice Chairman / Director of over a dozen companies.

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