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Decoding a Demagogue Strategy in the 2016 Philippine Elections By Josiah Go

Decoding a Demagogue Strategy in the 2016 Philippine Elections By Josiah Go

buy 5 mg zolpidem online with american express Introduction:

I will make use of a hypothetical metaphor to explain the demagogue strategy being used by Rody Duterte, a presidential candidate in the 2016 Philippine elections. A demagogue is a political leader who build up the prejudices and emotions of the masses versus incumbent for him to gain power.

To the Duterte followers, I hope you finish reading ‘till the end before making any conclusion. Do know that I have been to Davao many times and I am impressed, mostly, with what Mister Duterte and his team did in Davao for over two decades. What I do not agree with is the way he communicates and behaves as a presidential candidate. Like more and more voters switching sides, Mister Duterte was in my shortlist but after seeing a pattern of dysfunctional behaviors and the way many of his supporters did not make him accountable for each of his blunders, each time feeding him to continue to behave in his undiplomatic ways, I have decided not to vote for him.

I am also bothered with some of Duterte’s followers that have started to follow his foul mouth and resorted to cursing, insulting and even threatening when they do not agree with the point of view of one supporting another candidate or when they are cornered in a discussion. A specific case is when I wrote about why Duterte may fail as a national leader in my 5Cs of Execution article since Mister Duterte claims he is expert of execution (no pun intended).

I do not pretend I am perfect (I am far from it). Neither do I think other candidates are perfect! But I am worried his demagogue strategy will have permanent and irreversible consequences to the Filipino culture and pride. I am concerned about the image and relationship internationally and if he gets elected, God forbid, I hope he will still be able to unify the Philippines, including countless groups he has already offended. In my opinion, even granting he is just doing his foul-mouth routine intentionally for show, the risk outweighs the benefits of having him!

This maybe my last article on Mister Duterte before the elections. To my followers who wondered why I was doing political commentaries instead of marketing articles, do know my perspective is one from marketing and strategy as you can observe in this article. So take a step backward and understand this from the perspective of a former customer turned off with Mister Rody Duterte. order 10 mg crestor online without a prescription Nationwide Launch Metaphor:
Imagine a new store chain set to open nationwide on May 9, 2016. The entertaining and charismatic owner (let’s call him Mr. Pied Piper) wants you to visit his store but has been using reverse psychology ‘Don’t visit if you don’t want’ to arouse curiosity. The initial store had been successful over 20 years ago in his city and Mr. Piper decides to expand his base nationwide after flip-flopping many times.

The Big Idea:
The national launch strategy will utilize a risky, culture-shocking strategy of making Mr. Piper say controversial statements to be the most talked about, most debated store brand ever. After all, Mr. Piper has mass appeal and this strategy, when exploited fully can help turn thought leadership into market leadership. Never mind, if friends will no longer be friends arguing whether to support him or not, so long as his followers will go along blindly without them even knowing the demagogue concept behind his launch strategy.

Target Market and Value Proposition:
The key target supporters of Mr. Piper’s store are expected to be 40% of the class ABC and 30% of the ‘masa’ who lust for a piece of special safety pill available in his store. The special safety pill may (or may not) work in the next 3-6 months and does not have any warranty since it previously worked only in a smaller and more controlled community.

Behaviorally, there are three specific target segments that will be of prime importance: a) those who feel like a hostage to the incumbent and want change, b) those who are gullible and 3) those who are rebellious. These three groups are the easiest to convince to help spread half lies that all the incumbent stores have been incompetent and have done absolutely and absolutely nothing for them and their neighbors, especially for the past six years. These three market segments will be used to echo their utmost dissatisfaction to their closest of friends in order to be believable, to gain sympathy and to create a natural ripple effect.

Since the rule of engagement set in the marketplace is a winner-take-all with a universe of 5 competing stores, they don’t need to attract the majority to win. Never mind if a larger number of about 60-70% don’t really like Mr. Piper’s store and what it represents. Winning is everything for his team.

Mr. Piper’s store will be positioned as an innovative and non-conformist outlet relevant to the mass market while the rest of competition will be repositioned as traditional and boring visited only by the oligarchs, a term often referring to concentration of power within the same few families, never mind if he himself is an oligarch, swapping power between him and his daughter.

Disruptive Innovation?
Consider the following so called ‘disruptive innovation’ in the marketing plan of Mr. Piper’s store:
1. Instead of a ‘Welcome’ sign upon entering the store, you get to hear an actual audio recording ‘Putang-ina’ in Mr. Piper’s personal voice
2. Instead of ‘How can I help you?’,you’ll hear ’Ganda, dapat mauna ako’.
3. When a disabled person will enter his store, they are to be greeted’Magpakamatay ka nalang’.
4. If the customer is from the LGBT community, shout ‘Bayot ka!’
5. Instead of respect, any beautiful women companion of yours who go near Mr. Piper can be kissed, at the Mr. Piper’s pleasure. Sitting in his lap is preferred.
6. There is a quota on who to offend weekly, such as gays, women, disabled and of course, the Pope, to make the news and prove he is indeed fearless, never mind if it is at the expense of the well-respected Pope.
7. A Department of Apology will be created not to apologize but to be Apologists.
8. Customers are to carry their own load, there are no free delivery nor freebies, they are to spend and work for his success. Mr. Piper does not want to be associated as traditional oligarch spending so much money advertising his store.
9. If customers dare to complain, they may get the middle finger and be reminded that they were told not to visit if they don’t like, so it’s their fault.
10. If customers dare to steal from Mr. Piper, a vigilante squad will track them down and find themselves (or maybe someone will find their bodies) floating in Manila Bay.
11. As part of their code of conduct, customers will be trained to clap, clap, clap and laugh, laugh, laugh when Mr. Piper enters the store. This is especially indispensable when he talks about his sexuality and delivers his tasteless jokes!
12. Instead of ‘Salamat po’, the audio will automatically play ‘Papatayin kita’ when exiting the store.

Relationship Strategies:
13. The local store branch head will be evaluated on the basis of the number of followers who will no longer have the ability to ask accountability from Mr. Piper.
14. Mr. Piper is right at all times and when he may be wrong, it’s because he was simply quoted out of context! Blame the oligarchs and the incumbent for instigating people’s inability to give him the benefit of the doubt.
15. If major trading partners will speak up, Mr. Piper will threaten to severe ties, burn their flags and will not care about goodwill and relationships built over a century. Never mind if his town mates working in those countries may be hated and ridiculed. What’s important to his ego is that he is projected as fearless, everything and everybody else don’t matter as much!
16. Only Mr. Piper can have monopoly of his violations such as his vigilante groups and his undeclared assets as required by the government. He can pardon himself but not you!

Communication Strategies:
17. The biggest task is to successfully discredit the incumbent biggest store chain. Everything else will follow. To do this, a list of frustrations of their followers will be spread out to incite hate for the incumbent and their defenders so much to forget what the incumbent have done for them. They are only to remember and rebel against what the incumbent has not done.
18. There will be two hate lists – an abbreviated version and a longer version. If the shorter version has been defended, throw in the longer version so hate will never end.
19. At all times Mr. Pipers’ followers should not be made to feel they are being used for him to gain power. Keep reminding the gullible segment that he did not really want to launch nationally but had to answer a clamor they themselves designed.
20. On regular interval, remind the incumbent that everyone hates them to lessen the confidence of the incumbent’s team and supporters and force them to be silent in order for Mr. Piper’s communication effort to have greater effectiveness and impact.
21. To counter any good news about competition, false endorsements (from Singapore), dummy blogs, fake social media accounts, photoshopped visuals (Emirates and its flight stewardess) will be created to influence and trick how people think.
22. Call centers and call center agents hired from Cebu and Davao will post stink bombs in customers’ social media accounts each time someone would mention good things about his competitors. These call center agents are to ask random store performance questions about competitors for the purpose of creating doubts. Later, there will be a diffusion of these innovative stink bombs as many of his die-hard town mates will learn how to use these tools as well.
23. When followers of competitors will criticize Mr. Piper, the default 3-step approach will be: a) cite it’s a black propaganda b) change topic and ask a question on an unrelated topic like an ‘out of stock’ item c) end with a hashtag pledge of loyalty to Mr. Piper. Accusing supporters of competitors as ‘bayaran’ is optional.
24. Followers will be made to feel it’s cool to bash and tag team bully the supporters of the big competitors. Memes will be readily available for their convenience.

Marketing Budget:
25. Tri-media advertising will come out heaviest among all competing stores within the last three weeks prior to grand launch. Meantime, Mr. Piper should make people believe his national store launch is on a real shoestring budget and they need to support him more. By the time followers will realize Mr. Piper will be the heaviest spender, it will be too late as they have already invested emotionally and defended him to many others they have no choice except to enter into a codependency relationship.

Campaign Slogan:
26. To simplify the hate campaign, the tag line will be:

Key Factors for Success:
27. All the above will only work by building up the prejudices and emotions of the mass followers versus the incumbent to an extreme level with Mr. Piper positioned as the great last hope. When the followers start having a mind of their own, many would have abandoned and switched to another store.

An Urgent Appeal for Real Leadership:

Dear Readers,
I used this metaphor to illustrate my warning about voting for a controversial presidential candidate in the May 9, 2016 elections. The recent alleged unexplained wealth of this candidate in the hundreds of millions of pesos added to a disturbing trait of a demagogue who promised clean government, yet, did not make himself transparent and accountable immediately when challenged to give a waiver to investigate his bank deposits and properties as if hiding something serious.

To me, great leaders can bring out the best in his or her followers, but a demagogue simply brings out the worst in them, inciting hate of Filipinos against each other. Wag po natin payagan ito!

Misleading Innovation:
Mga Kababayan. Di lahat ng bagong solusyon ay magiging maayos. Not all newness is good, some pretending to be ‘innovation’ can be disastrous. To cite a few recently:
1) The subprime innovation almostbankrupted the United States and affected the world.
2) Pyramiding scams and illegal binary companies have swindled billions from people, even the brightest of them have not been spared.

What’s common to get away with what they want you to do before people wake up from their ‘hypnosis’ is to keep stirring up emotions of the people so they won’t have time and effort for due diligence. Think about it for a moment. When was the last time you sat down and evaluate the risk versus reward for voting for or against a candidate?

On May 9, 2016, use your power to vote to reject how you and your family want to be treated like above. Demand accountability from your presidential candidate. Show you are more powerful than him. Show him your support is not unconditional. Vote for another candidate. But do not allow hate to be your reason for voting a candidate. We all want leaders who will truly exemplify skills to lead the Philippines. We don’t need a boss, we need a true servant leader to help us grow, develop and be united as a nation.

And if you are like me believing the gains of the Philippines should continue uninterruptedly, so poverty can be reduced further and quicker, plus economic gains can be felt deeper and quicker via more jobs, then join me to vote for the momentum team, Roxas – Robredo. They are not perfect and have uncompleted tasks and failures, but so is Mister Duterte who promised us safety but ended up making many of us feel unsafe. Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo have the integrity, the diplomacy, the experience and the vitality to make the next six years the best ever for the Philippines.

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Josiah Go

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Bestselling author Josiah Go is the Chairman and Chief Marketing Strategist of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc. (the leading marketing and sales training company in the Philippines), President and CEO of Waters Philippines (the market leader in the direct selling of premium health durable products in the Philippines) and President and CEO of PT Noah Health Indonesia. He is Chairman / Vice Chairman / Director of over a dozen companies.


  1. mr. josiah go….thank you for your demagogic portrayal of mr. duterte…unfortunately, your story can only be understood by those familiar with marketing strategies and familiar with mr. pied piper….the common people who grew up in an oppressive government who catered only to the likes of you…could only manage public schooling and the lucky few who were eligible for college scholarships….most of us are clueless to what you are mumbling about….most of us are used to this life but for those of us who want more in life….want the kind of changes that mr. pied piper is hawking…we are at the bottom…where else can our choices bring us…there is only the way upwards…so you see mr go… no rhetoric from any learned man can persuade us to listen to your gibberish remarks…it is simply alien to us…and we want to change this situation…we want to change how things are…the situation now does not include us… only the corrupt and the cronies are benefiting from the economic success of our country…the poor remains below the poverty line and the system now insures that we stay where we are….while the elite rejoice in their good fortunes…we need someone who has no respect for your kind and the government as a whole…we don’t want a government that allows public officials to plunder their coffers at their pleasure and not get punished for it… actually DU30 is much better than what we have now …. his potential to bring change is much higher than what the stagnation of the last 5 administrations had produced…and they have produced nothing but corruption, double crosses and empty promises… our generation has known only the seemingly peaceful years of martial law…oblivious to the actual corruption of the marcos family…the discipline imposed by the feared Metrocom police force….during those days only one man was stealing from the government…today every government official down to the lowly barangay tanods are corrupt and differentiated only by degree and manner of their ways….there must be a better way of life and we are not going to stop searching until we find it…even at the expense of the elite and their ill-gotten wealths…even if countless criminals, murderers, rapists, drug lords, kidnappers, smugglers, scammers, holduppers, illegal recruiters, people like janet napoles, the ASG, and the entire association of middlemen are culled to extinction…we are for DU30…people like you will never understand our plight … que sera sera……………..

  2. Mr. Go, sir, I understand your explanation very well and I agree with your points of view considering that you move around that level of society who never felt the effects of the kind of governance of the current administration. Have you ever been at the bottom of the food chain? Have you lived the way WE, Mindanaoans, do? Have you been cheated? Denied of your rights? If you ever answered NO to any of my questions then, please sir, do not tell me that RORO is the best team to vote. It is still yellow with a different hue. Same tyranny, different tyrants.

  3. Erwin J Torrefiel

    Mr Josiah Go Sir,

    As one of your many students i am inclined to give my humble opinion with ur DEMAGOGUE Strategy post.

    So which is much worst the DEMAGOGUE Strategy which is founded by pure negative assumption


    The EXPLOITATION of our children whom i assume doesnt understand why they were there.

    Assumption vs Exploitation

    So sino ngayon ang masama? Sino ngayon ang disente? Sino ngayon ang gahaman sa kapangyarihan?

    Dahil sa assumption mo na ung candidate nyo ang makakapag tuloy ng magandang economiya willing na kayo mag exploit ng mga bata? Common Sir you are better than that.

    Economiya or Kabataan? You be the judge Sir.

  4. sorry, mar is very incompetent as an executive. what’s the use of courteous sales reps and good marketing strategies if the product does not work in the very first place? why buy a product that does not perform the way one expects it to perform?

    mar lacks leadership qualities. and he has poor inter-personal qualities. he’s readily pikon. he drives wedges along political lines (“you are a romualdez”). he lacks vision (a dotc secretary for almost 2 years and yet the traffic, the mrt and naia just got worse under his watch). he lacks good planning (yolanda).

    in a market where the most buyers are handicapped with financial limitations, customers will likely spend their hard-earned money on the product itself, not on customer service. for what’s the use of good and courteous customer service if the product itself does not really work?

  5. Well Mr. Go, you are mostly right, but I think I know where you’re coming from. You’re an elite and a Mar-run Philippines will only favor the elite class, and that includes you? I guess..haha anyway I’m not voting for Duterte but I am definitely not voting for Mar…

  6. Joelito Senturias

    Long Story.
    What is important is DUTERTE has a very strong political will.
    We will not talk or write too much.
    How can you describe DAVAO now.
    Give me any city in the country that can do what Davao did.
    WHY IT IS CALLED THE 4TH SAFEST CITY out of 349 cities through out the world over Seoul and Hongkong?

    I want to hear from you dear author.

    or maybe you are just on the other side of politics. That’s why.

  7. Mr. Josiah Go, we respect your opinion. I do understand all your points, your so called “demagogue strategy” of Mr. Digong. Muntik nako mag-isip ulit not until you endorsed RORO team. Well, that’s your opinion. Again we respect it. If you think Robredo who openly said that she’s not yet ready to hold that position, and will not function well if Roxas will not win, then go for her. If you think Roxas way of handling critical situation (like what happened during Yolanda), go vote for him. If you think his way of managing his stress is good enough, go for him. Well, you’re one of the elite, maybe i can’t comprehend the way the elite thinks. But let me tell you this Mister Go, (its my opinion), I rather choose someone who already proven many accomplishment than someone who held many government position but didn’t function well. Do you want me to remind you who decided to change the service provider of LRT/MRT, from Japanese company to an unknown provider? Who thumbed up on the survivor of Yolanda while they were mourning for the death of their families? Who said that someone just went to Tacloban for the purpose of “Photo Op”? Eh mukhang mas marami pa ang picture nya, including his kind act in taking charge of traffic in Edsa and took the responsibilty of MMDA. If you think he distributed and used the Yolanda fund effectively, go for him. Go for descent candidate as what they are projecting to the public. Lastly, may God Bless us all. #KayTatayDigongako

  8. You are a marketing genius Mr. Josiah Go. I can’t say the same for your political commentary though. I vote for Duterte, not because of his foul mouth, nor his unorthodox sometimes indecent actions, but what he has done for 20 years in Davao, which he may replicate to the whole country. Free 911 service, free medical care for the poor (even for cancer treatments), free drug rehab, and many more. Whatever crime statistics the LP keep putting out to downplay Davao’s peace and order situation, Mar Roxas himself as DILG secretary awarded Davao City with the seal of good governance in 2015. That award either confirms Duterte’s good governance capability, or Mar Roxas is really incompetent to give such award to the 4th city with the highest crime rate in the Phils. And for those calling us bobotante or tards, what do you call those voting for someone who proposed a bill to ban hammers inside malls to stop a string of robberies inside malls?

  9. Your article is great but incomprehensible for most people. Sad to say you are already one of those you mentioned being targeted by Duterte’s strategy. You were hooked.

  10. You cannot blame people for having Duterte as their choice for President. People are wiser now. Before, people would just believe promises. But the people have seen how these so called platforms never even materialized during the Aquino regime. People are tired of what YOUR supposed candidates can offer. They have seen it and have felt it everyday. We are tired.

    Assuming that Duterte is a false advertisement i would never regret it. At least, i tried someone for a change. Someone who can at least deliver. And by the way, Aquino is a false advertisement also. That guy could not deliver at all.

  11. Only the educated and good in english people will understand you, Kung hindi salitang banyaga ang ginamit mo maaring may ma iintindihan ang mga tao sayo. The problem with those people like you who had been educated abroad think that you are always superior in all aspects than the commanders of the insurgents and secessionists. Sino papaniwalaan ko ang instinct at experience ko o ikaw na pang Harvard ang approach sa madlang tao pero di mo naman kilala at nakasama ang sinisiraan mo. I should know better than you when it comes to describing Mayor Digong because I worked with the guy for 7 years during my tour of duty there in Davao. Methapor… Demagogue… you think the people understood you? Tell it to the Marines. Shut up or be bothered Dude!

  12. I prefer the 6th century meaning of demagogue when democracy first began in Athens. Derived from a Greek word demagogos ( root words dēmos, meaning people, and agein, to lead) meaning someone who is a good leader, who used outstanding oratorical skills to further the interests of the common people.

    For me, Duterte may not be the best as an orator, but he engages the people and allow them to express emotions suppressed for many years. He is a leader championing the cause of the common people. And if we allow the negative turn of its meaning at the turn of the 17th century, fueled by the threat they posed to the ruling class, the meaning was extended to include pretension, fraud, & pomposity. To me Duterte is neither of those.

  13. Marketing eulogy yan hindi marketing analogy. I am from Davao I was born, raised and got my education there I knew what duterte is doing. Lahat ng negativities na nakikita natin are his tactics, its his way of attracting attention, his way of reaching into the masses without spending too much. He governs well in davao ano pa ba hinahanap natin? His rape jokes didn’t make him a rapist. His cussing didn’t make him a demon. His order of killing criminals made him a criminal too? Of course not. If you do not agree on his ways edi hwag ninyong iboto, pero kung hindi siya sino? Meron pa bang hihigit sa kanya sa mga presidentiables? wala e kaya mas mabuti mag abstain nalang kayo kung ayaw ninyo sa kanya. In my point of view si duterte ang nakikita kung gamot sa sakit ng ating bansa. Kaya kayo kung ayaw nyo namang mag boycot ng presidente sa election isipin nyo nalang si duterte na parang isang napakapait na tabletang gamot, tapos kayo ay ang bansang Pilipinas na may dinaramdam na sakit na pipiliting lunukin ang pait para gumaling.

  14. Only very few can understand the details of your article. Nevertheless, it’s a good marketing imagery of the campaigns. I read it through to know if I get swayed by your ideas. But, unfortunately, not a bit. And, I realized that my choice is something that is not influenced by someone campaigning. I guess I have what the common Filipino’s wishful being that longs for change in a long time. The Philippine problem is structural in nature that calls for a structural solution. So, a status quo is not the way. I guess I feel what the common Filipinos have – I look beyond the superficial, I see the inner core of the person. And that’s not what your marketing imagery is all about.

  15. IF YOU DON’T LIKE DUTERTE, DON’T VOTE FOR HIM. IT’S THAT SIMPLE. Do I like Duterte’s character? A big NO. Walang sinuman ang gusto ng nagmumura, babaero at pumapatay ng tao. Hindi iyan ang itinuro na magandang asal ng ating mga magulang at kahit ng anong relihiyon. Hindi rin ito magandang ehemplo para sa kabataan. Kaya obligasyon ng mga magulang na bantayan ang mga bata na makarinig ng kanyang mga sinasabi. Do I like Duterte as a leader? Absolutely YES! Duterte compensates his imperfections with real service to the people. 1. Babaero siya at alam niyang hindi niya yun mapipigilan pero siya ang kauna-unahang nagpasa ng Women Development Code (City Ordinance 5004) sa buong Pilipinas. Ang kulungan ng mga babae sa Davao ay hindi selda kundi makukulay na mga bahay. 2. Nagmumura siya pero kasama ng kanyang plataporma ay ibalik ang GMRC at Values Education sa curriculum ng mga eskwelahan. 3. Pumapatay siya ng kriminal pero siya rin ang nangunguna sa pagpaparehab ng mga kabataang lulong sa droga at binibigyan pa niya ito ng P2,000 monthly allowance. 4. Dating lasenggo at chain-smoker pero mahigpit na ipinagbabawal ang pininigarilyo sa siyudad at may liquor ban pa ng hanggang 1am lang. 5. Dating kaskasero, nagpapatakbo ng 180kph sa motor hanggang sa madisgrasya. Pero nagpatupad ng speed limit sa Davao para hindi maranasan ng iba ang nangyari sa kanya. 6. Hindi maganda ang tabas ng dila pero nagpatupad ng Anti-Discrimination Ordinance. Bawal i-discriminate ang Muslim, Kristiyano, Lumad, bakla, lesbian, transsexual, may kapansanan, ordinaryong mamamayan at kahit sino man. 7. Barumbado, mahilig sa baril pero nagpatubad ng fire cracker ban tuwing Pasko at New Year. Davao lang ang zero casualty sa paputok kada taon. 8. Protektor daw ng NPA at MILF pero andaming mga sundalo at pulis ang kanyang na rescue sa mga rebeldeng grupo. Mas marami pa siyang nagawa kaysa sa administrasyon. 9. Diktador daw at masama ang ugali pero siya ang unang rumesponde sa Tacloban na sinalanta ng bagyong Yolanda. 10. Mayabang daw pero ni isa sa kanyang proyekto ay wala ang kanyang mukha at pangalan. Hindi nagnakaw sa kaban ng bayan. Nakatira lang sa ordinaryong bahay sa subdivision. Ni wala ngang battalion ng body guard na nakapalibot at nagmamaneho pa ng taxi para mag-ikot sa siyudad. 11. Asal kanto, ugaling kalye pero WORLD CLASS ang serbisyo. And take note, lahat ng tao nakikinabang sa kanyang serbisyo, hindi lang ang mayayaman. – Davao Central 911 (The only 911 in Asia. Equipments are all US-made. All services are free.) – California Traffic Light System (Most modern in the Philippines. Sensorized, centralized to Traffic Center and Central 911) – High-tech CCTVs, again the most modern in the Philippines. – Public Safety Command Center powered by IBM (US technology giant company) making Davao the only Smart City in the Philippines. The fastest that can respond to crime and disaster. – Food stamps for the homeless. Maraming dayo sa Davao na walang matirhan at walang makain kaya binibigyan ng food stamps ng local government para man lang may pantawid gutom. – State of the art facilities of a GOVERNMENT hospital. Yes, the most modern hospital equipments in Davao are not in private hospitals but in a government hospital – the Southern Philippines Medical Center (formerly Davao Medical Center). Sagot niya ang gastusin ng mga batang may cancer sa Davao at kahit hindi taga Davao. Kaya para sa inyong hindi siya kilala at bulag sa katotohanan, let me say this. He is actually making a sacrifice to us. Let him be the sinner, let him do the dirty work. Because he said, he must do the things that he must do as ugly as it can be because nobody in the government will do it for the people. In the end, only God can judge him on the things that he’s done. Kaya kung gusto niyo ng Pangulo na isang magandang ROLE MODEL, iboto niyo si Mar Roxas. Prim and proper, busilak at mabulaklak magsalita, makamasa (sa pictorial), good boy image. Ganon lang naman ka simple yon. Wag niyong iboto si Duterte dahil masama siyang ehemplo. Pero kung gusto niyo ng TUNAY NA PAGBABAGO, and someone who can really get things done, alam niyo na ang sagot. “I don’t care if I go to hell as long as the people I serve will live in paradise.” – Rodrigo Rody Duterte – Volunteers For Change 2016

  16. Only very few can understand the details of your article. Nevertheless, it’s a good marketing imagery of the campaigns. I read it through to know if I get swayed by your ideas. But, unfortunately, not a bit. And, I realized that my choice is something that is not influenced by someone campaigning. I guess I have what the common Filipino’s wishful being that longs for change in a long time. The Philippine problem is structural in nature that calls for a structural solution. So, a status quo is not the way. I guess I feel what the common Filipino have – I look beyond the superficial, I see the inner core of the person. And that’s not what your marketing imagery is all about.

  17. im for mar-leni

  18. Thanks for your time writing this sir. The major problem with our government is corruption isn’t it? If not Duterte who do you think is capable of fixing this problem? I need your guidance on this.

  19. Very well said Sir…But that’s only your opinion in favor for your own interest in business.But it would not credit the whole truth that change is coming…Sad truth written in the oxford dictionary presented by the word “SELFIE” meaning “majority but not all were seeking only for himself just to feed the craving desire of the flesh”.Sorry,i’m just stating my own view the same as claim it to yourself!

    President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, President of the Federal Republic of the Philippines…!!!

  20. I respect your opinion sir, but you are not on our shoes, we can see how drugs are so rampant in our area, how we fear with our lives when walking and riding a jeepney. You are safe inside your walled houses and automatic vehicles to protect you. I know that he said 3-6 months he will solve the crime I am not sure also if it is possible but he is the only one shows interest in solving this issue and others are not interested in giving a solution. Who do you expect the minority will choose? They are in the position for how many years yet I haven’t seen that they are doing something to stop drugs, corruption, criminals or high prices of basic goods. Here comes someone who is willing to help and stop all of this but you are criticize him because he is just an simple man, a mayor in Mindanao but he has the guts to say that he want all of this to stop and help the minority .

  21. Your strategy to brainwash people.

  22. Hi. I respect your opinion and I also can’t vote this coming election… but I think it would be best if you just write an article for “why you are voting for a certain candidate” instead of “why you don’t like Duterte.” It is an obligation to your readers to impart positivity instead of being negative for a certain person unless you know him personally and been with him for quite sometime.

  23. this is a sales pitch to vote against a leading candidate…

  24. nice sales pitch…

  25. spot on. Natumbok mo but sad to say, di mababasa ng mga bobotante ito. Even if they do, they cant comprehend. Is there a way you speak to the bobotantes? They will make the difference. They are the majority block. The 90% of total number of Erap supporters , GMA and Marcos supporters , ganyan sila karami. Maybe mapaliwanagan mo sila. You are a marketing expert, pls. write another article , this time intended for the bobotantes. Para sa kinabukasan ng bayan

  26. Very interesting viewpoints. 😉 you said that you are impressed with Davao that means a lot. Let say that you are a great marketing / business strategist. But dont compare your view to Philippine politics. It obviously not imaginable.

  27. what’s wrong with Duterte’s strategy?
    Every candidate has their own strategy to win.
    Regardless of their strategy, what matters most is who can bring change to the country based on their platform.
    Among all candidates, it’s only Duterte has the strongest political will which the country is in great need at the moment.
    Duterte is not perfect but for me, He is still the best candidate among the other.

    • Tila inamin mo na rin na “lesser evil” si Duterte. Ibig sabihin, sinungaling at tiwali siya tulad ng ibang kandidato pero mas matindi ang iba.
      Ibig sabihin ang botohan sa Mayo 9 ay “choose the lesser evil”.
      Ano batayan na si Duterte nga ang “lesser evil” sa lahat ng mga kandidato?
      Higit sa lahat, bakit ba kailangang iboto ang “lesser evil” na tiyak naman na “dimonyo” pa rin siya?
      Hindi ba pwede na wala kang iboto dahil dimonyo naman silang lahat? O dahil ang iniisip ng karamihan na “kahit hindi ako boboto may mananalo pa rin”?
      Ang punto ko ay dapat at kailangang tumindig kung ano ang tama hindi yung “wala na kasing matino eh kaya dito na lang ako sa hindi masyadong mataas ang sungay”.

  28. Getting rid of crime in 3 to 6 months will never happen. Let’s take drug addiction and drug pushing for instance.
    Here in the US and in Canada the solution to the drug problem is to treat it as a health issue and decriminalize persons dependent on drugs. Executing drug pushers and drug lords won’t work. Because it is a very lucrative business, there’s always someone to take their place. If you treat persons dependent on drugs, there won’t be anyone for the drug lords to sell their contraband. The law of supply and demand applies here.

  29. Romeo Pedeglorio

    fearless forecast;

    If he will be elected, not reaching a year in his post; majority of the armed men from the Armies, PNP’s and other sectors from the national defense forces, will be planning a cou de etat worst is, He’ll be assassinated early. So Bong bong will take over & the Senate President will be the Vice Pres.

    Oh!! Philippines my Philippines!!!

  30. Thank you for this very incisive and enlightening article…All the noise and soundbites of his camp all seem to be random and even stupid, but as you decoded this Demagogue, it is now clear to me that there is an underlying evil strategy in all these to show him as invincible and his victory inevitable. I am now more even inspired to work hard for RoRO because i want to assure the future of my children.

  31. Thelma P. Montano

    Many thanks for your brilliant marketing analogy of our current political situation. Maraming Salamat po.

  32. that is your opinion… we the duterte supporters do not rely much on our own understanding, perhaps because most of us are not as highly educated as you sir. with this, during the night we pray for divine guidance. the truth is, the elites fear that a Duterte Presidency will curtail their power and influence which were restored during the cory presidency and which they have been enjoying since then. hindi matanggap ng mga katulad ninyong eletista na isang man of the masses ang uupo sa malacañan. it’s so obvious that you are very uncomfortable of such idea. the gains you are talking have never been felt by the majority, the 85% poor. the gains that your are talking are felt and enjoyed only by the rich and the powerful. karapatan mong iboto ang gusto mo kami din naman.

  33. FREDIERICK G Barraca

    Well said sir, but for me I live in Mindanao and we understand the long agony we felt every time promises made by trapo, yes indeed you have points to ponder in your statement, but we mindanaoan’s want a leader who has the guts and also more importantly from Mindanao……I respect your idea and pls do respect ours too..

  34. nice post mr. answer is simple:: if u believe
    your candidates are good, by all means vote for them no need to label / brand people who do not share or believe in your “demagogue” strategy. your vote is yours to keep.

  35. Manuel Enicola, Jr

    I read this article hoping to find some actionable ideas I could use in my marketing activities, since the Duterte brand appears to be more successful vis-a-vis the tri-media blitzes of the other ‘brands’. As I read, I was looking for those gems; instead the article focused on the “why-nots.” Please do not get me wrong; I am politically neutral and have not re-registered as a voter since after martial law. I wish your future articles could be more meaningful to marketeers like me.

  36. will you make another story using hypothetical metaphor about the tragedy of panot’s leadership and mar roxas stupidity during his office in this outgoing administration

  37. Why not Poe and Robredo?

    Noticed also that Robredo went up when BBM was on the top? A lot of those who don’t want another Marcos went to Robredo just to prevent another Marcos on Malacanang.

  38. With all due respect sir.. Above all every negative remarks you have stated here.. Have you not thought or seen any positive aspect of this guy as a citizen?

  39. Maripaz Custodio

    How does it feel to so clueless of the people’s general persuasion? How does it feel to insult majority of the population? How does it feel to be so wrong?

  40. Duterte may pagnanasa sa bangkay

    Good read… kaya lang di maiintindihan ng mga Duterte supporters to.. dapat tagalog

    • your comment is insulting…oo nga hindi maiintindihan ng pilipino yan…baka ng amerikano gaya mo na higit na mas pinipili magsalita ng english kesa sariling wika para lang sabihin na matalino. ngunit ang laman ng utak ay puro talangka

  41. that is your opinion Sir. We respect that. Still we are voting for DUTERTE. We, the ordinary people do not feel the sincerity of your candidates, especially in times of disaster, I knew that when earthquake hit BOHOL.

  42. And so the yellow army don’t curse? And they don’t go on vote buying caught camera and broadcasted on national tv and justified the money given as “nothing” and “transport allowance”? Thieves and hypocrites.

  43. opinion mo yan eh wala akong magagawa lang pero kame DuCay all the way yun lang hehehe

  44. You’re not a supporter to begin with. If you were you’d find out more and beyond his words, and the good he’s done. The people chose and encouraged him to run as President for the hope of a better change. He has good hopes for the mass and not ambitious like the other candidates. Win or lose he still did something good for the country and for those under his care. That’s what you forgot to mention. In the end you just revealed who you were siding since the beginning.

  45. Ok your analogy. My question is how come this market segment of disgruntled customers was not identified and attended to? Lack of market intelligence? So now they discover it’s a big segment but someone has claimed it already. Stockholders should replace management team in my opinion. The real question is who should be new management team. Definitely not the present team, do you agree?

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